Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 16 Highlights- Ross Mathews Picks His New Targets

With Shannon Elizabeth‘s Celebrity Big Brother game pretty much over, the houseguests used the night before eviction to plan ahead. Shannon didn’t go out without a fight, because she did try her best to get the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition houseguests to see an alternative eviction plan. They just weren’t biting the bait she was sending out.

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Elizabeth

Overall, it was a quiet day, especially considering the upcoming eviction. However, we expect lots of chaos during tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother eviction and the endurance Head of Household after it. So here’s the major things that you may have missed during yesterday’s Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds.

Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Mathews really started to look ahead. Despite constantly making fake alliances with him, James Maslow is still everyone’s biggest target. Omarosa is Ross and Marissa’s next one. However, Brandi Glanville and Ariadna Gutierrez may go for Mark McGrath before Omarosa.

Shannon campaigned to Ari and Brandi before the Power of Veto Ceremony. She mentioned how they really needed to get rid of pairs. Shannon mentioned Ross’s name to a couple of players, and emphasized the danger of Marissa and his relationship. She also mentioned Mark and James as a pair.

Shannon’s strategy worked to some degree, because Brandi started to really question and worry about Ross, and Mark.

Celebrity Big Brother Shannon Elizabeth

Prior to nominations, Ari was torn between nominating Omarosa or Mark as the replacement nominee. She thought Omarosa might be too risky because people could split the vote. Mark seemed like a safer bet because he volunteered to be a pawn, but she didn’t know if she wanted to poke the bear with him.

James used the POV on himself, and Mark went up as a replacement. This basically sealed Shannon’s fate in the Celebrity Big Brother game. Ross and gang even expressed how all of them would beat Mark in the end, so he wasn’t a huge threat to  anyone’s game.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Endurance competition
Shannon and James had a discussion after POV. She told him to go after Ross, because he’s playing all sides. Meanwhile, Ross was setting up a plan to backdoor James. If anyone in their alliance (Brandi, Ari, Marissa or him) won HOH, they would nominate Omarosa and Metta World Peace then backdoor James.

If James won HOH, they would get him to put up those nominees as well, but they would get out Omarosa. Ross expressed concern that the longer she stayed in the game, the more she could spread lies and damage their reputation with America.

Celebrity Big Brother Day 16 Live Feeds

It should be an interesting night, despite the predictable eviction coming up. We have another Celebrity Big Brother endurance competition tonight, and a mystery vote, so make sure you get your feeds to not miss any of the action.

Join us later tonight for Celebrity Big Brother spoilers on eviction and Head of Household. Then check back tomorrow morning for another Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds update and a recap of Friday’s third eviction.

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