Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 19: Team Fun’s Final Days?

There may be a new Celebrity Big Brother 2 head of household, but things haven’t changed much. The houseguests still have the goal of evicting Tom Green or Kato Kaelin. Most of the day just revolved around brief game talks and waiting for the nomination ceremony.

Celebrity Big Brother-Tom Green

It was pretty obvious to the houseguests that Tamar Braxton planned to nominate Kato and Tom for eviction. This made them feel very defeated. Tom and Kato also discussed playing up the feeling defeated part, so it might help them stay longer. They even talked about using the Veto on each other, so the other could play and they could go home.

Kandi Burruss was a major topic of discussion for many of the houseguests. Lolo Jones, Tamar and Natalie Eva Marie discussed whether Kandi was going to win any competitions, and whether she helped Kato during the Head of Household competition. Later, Ricky Williams, Eva Marie, and Lolo discussed whether they could trust Kandi. They all agreed that they couldn’t.

Celebrity Big Brother-Kato Kaelin

Originally, they debated whether they only needed to win one of the next two HoH competitions or both. They believed that they only needed to win the one after Monday’s competition, but then they all agreed that Kandi would try to take one of them out if she won Head of Household. Lolo, Ricky, and Eva Marie agreed that they need to win both HoHs.

Tom and Kato discussed that the best outcome would be if Kandi or Dina Lohan won this season. Tom even asked Dina who she thought would win between the two of them. Meanwhile, Kandi tried to warn Tamar that if she didn’t try to evict Ricky, Lolo, or Eva Marie, Kandi would become a pawn and possibly go home.

Celebrity Big Brother Kandi Burruss

Despite Kandi’s warning, Tamar nominated Tom and Kato for eviction.

In honor of the Super Bowl, they received Super Bowl themed cupcakes, as well as a special dinner.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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