Big Brother 2015 Rankings: Who’s on Top in Week 5?

What a wild, wacky week it has been in the Big Brother 17 house! Just a few days ago, we were almost 100 percent certain that we knew exactly who would be going home in the next eviction. Then, suddenly, everything turned on a dime and a whole different target is very likely headed out the door on Thursday. Looks like the bottom player in our rankings this week doesn’t stand much of a chance of survival at this point, even though they seemed totally safe only a couple days back!


With this week’s eviction (finally) looking pretty much guaranteed, we also have to look forward to seeing who is most likely in danger next week. It’s only a matter of time before we have a double eviction on the way. Who knows, it might even be next Thursday! So which Houseguests are probably safe unless something drastic happens, and which ones are in the most danger? Check out our week 5 Big Brother rankings and find out what we think!

12. Jason Roy – Jason really needed to win HOH this week and he will be leaving the house with regrets. He was one second away from HOH and now he’s being backdoored by the woman who he beat him. I think his social game was average, but the problem is he is viewed as the leader of the “other side”.

11. Jackie Ibarra – Everyone is targeting her, but the After Dark Crew (James, Meg) because they are afraid she is coming for their blood after the Austin backdoor did not happen. The only way Jackie has a chance of surviving is if the battle of the block ends because even if she wins the possibility of her being dethroned is high which puts her at risk or if James or Meg can win HOH with her. Her game isn’t bad, but she’s a threat to the Sixth Sense.

10. James Huling – James is just simply a target for not being part of the Sixth Sense and working with the outsiders. He is in desperate need of an HOH or his chances of being evicted are high this week. There’s really nothing he can do outside of winning HOH, BOTB or POV and he’s a sitting duck in the game waiting to be picked off.

9. Shelli Poole – I am shocked to see how far she has dropped in my rankings. A lot has to deal with how poorly she played this week and the fact Shelli/Clay are starting to be looked at dangerously. James, Jackie, Meg are going to come after them because they lied about knowing about Jason going up and then were exposed. They really made a mistake not letting Austin go home this week.

8. Clay Honeycutt – The exact same as Shelli which is ironic because they are a power couple in the game. All he had to do was sit back and take out Austin this week and no one was coming for him, but he overplayed. But for Clay, he’s more likable to the outsiders over Shelli and he may survive on the block against her which is good news for him.

7. Vanessa Russo – She put a target on her back when she considered putting up Austin, I have no idea why she even considered it, but she did and the outsiders are waking up to see she is a threat. I think for Vanessa she needs to hope the Sixth Sense remains in power, but by saving Austin she is a target before him.

6. Liz/Julia Nolan – They are going to be looked at as a massive threat next week when Julia enters the game. When you think of power couples in the house like Clay/Shelli it is possible their target could shrink when there’s blood sisters in the house together. But there are still some shields in front of them and no one is blaming them for Austin not going up this week.

5. Austin Matlelson – Austin went from a high candidate to be backdoored to being in a better position. The outsiders don’t even blame him for staying, but blame Clay, Shelli and Vanessa who they might all go after before him. The main problem with Austin is he obsessed with Liz in the house and doesn’t socialize with others. He seems to have taken his eye off the prize.

4. Meg Maley – Meg might be this seasons Victoria in my eyes. I don’t think she can win anything but that is why she might outlast her alliance of the outsiders. But with Jason’s boot, I don’t think Meg feels safe and she is going hard for HOH this week. I think it’s time for Meg to win something so she can show others she is ready to play.

3. Becky Burgess – Becky is on the block and no one even considered taking her out this week. She has proven she can win a competition or two, but no one views her as a threat because she is very quiet in the house. But Becky and John are such a quiet, dangerous pair that needs to be broken up. I just hope that she is aware that the Sixth Sense needs to be her target even though they kept her safe next week.

2. Johnny Mac – He survived the block this week and literally did nothing. I can’t believe no one sees that this guy is a threat? John is smart; he is playing a low-key game and can be such a dangerous player down the road. I just hope that he is smart enough to see that Clay/Shelli/Austin/Vanessa/Liz/Julia are a big threat who he needs to target over James/Jackie/Meg.

1. Steve Moses – Oh, Steve! It’s like he walks around the house and everyone ignores that he exist. Steve is going to be that quiet guy that waits for the right time to take over the game and what I mean by takeover is by winning a huge competition to knock some of those chess pieces off the table. He’s now Vanessa’s number one and is aware of what is going on in the house.