Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

The two Heads of Household this week, Vanessa and newly dethroned Jackie, had a strong plan going into the Battle of the Block. That went all wrong. So they adjusted their plan to deal with the unexpected outcome. But if the Power of Veto Competition didn’t pan out the way they hoped it would, it could mean they would have to find an entirely new target for eviction.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Going into the Power of Veto Competition on Sunday, Austin remained the backdoor target of choice for both Jackie and Vanessa. Even though a wrench was thrown into their plans when Becky and Clay lost the Battle of the Block they were supposed to win, the ladies took this in stride. All they really needed to keep the plan alive to get Austin out was for him not to get randomly chosen for the Veto Competition, or if he did get picked, for him not to win it.

Vanessa and Jackie lucked out when the randomly selected players this week ended up being Shelli, John, and Liz. They joined Vanessa as HoH, and Becky and Clay as the nominees, to play in the Veto Competition.

There is, of course, the chance that Liz could win the Veto and then refuse to use it, if she hears her showmance Austin would go up as the Replacement Nominee. However, from what we’ve been seeing on the Big Brother Live Feeds, we don’t think it would take much for her to get on board with the backdoor Austin plan IF she believed she would gain strong allies in the process.

We already know Liz is just trying to use Austin to have his support in the house for her and Julia. She might have been interested in him for real, but now it seems like she’s totally uncomfortable around him even when they are snuggling. So if she could hook up with a stronger backup support system, we think she might be quite willing to dump him overboard. Especially since Julia is all good with getting Austin out (although she hasn’t shared that with her twin).

At the Veto Competition, the HoH ladies who lunch lucked out again when Clay ended up winning the Power of Veto. This means Shelli’s boy toy will save himself, and everyone can go ahead with the plan to put up Austin as the renom. Meanwhile, Austin continues to believe the plan is to backdoor Steve…

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