Who Won Power of Veto On Celebrity Big Brother Week 2.5? 02/15/18

Shannon Elizabeth went into tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto competition with one goal: save herself. She has become the new main target, and things are currently set for Shannon or James Maslow to leave the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house unless this Veto is played. It’s one of the most critical events of the season so far.

Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto

In true Big Brother fashion, it would have been glorious to see James or Shannon win the Veto, save themselves, and then see what the Celebrity Big Brother house decides to do now.  Even if Shannon and James stayed on the block, there was still a chance for both of them to stay. The Celebrity Big Brother players are very fast and lose with their gameplay.

There was a big chance that whoever won the Power of Veto could use it to save Shannon or James, and the target could shift to a player like Omarosa or Ross Mathews. There were a lot of game still to play out before Friday’s next live Celebrity Big Brother eviction.

So who won this week’s Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto competition? Read below to find out!



It was the Black Box competition, so it took awhile because everyone was timed. In the end, it came down to Shannon versus James with the scores. James Maslow came out victorious, and won this week’s Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto.

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