GinaMarie Zimmerman EXCLUSIVE New Playboy Campaign Photo!

Big Brother 15 star GinaMarie Zimmerman wants to see her wish to become a Playboy model fulfilled, and she and her fans are campaigning hard to make it happen. GM even went to the effort of putting together her very own mock photo shoot to prove she has the goods to grace the pages of Playboy magazine.

We gave a shout out to GinaMarie to get our hands on some of her most delicious photos from photographer Andrew Foord, the mastermind behind her Playboy mock shoot. Not only did she give us permission to share some of her smoking hot body-baring photos, but she actually sent along an amazing EXCLUSIVE photo just for our readers! Check out the uncensored version after the jump!

If you are going to campaign to fulfill your dream of being in Playboy, we’d certainly say this is a fabulous way to go about it!

GinaMarie certainly has enough gorgeous photos out there to show she’s certainly as easy on the eyes as many Playboy models we’ve seen. We also don’t think her age should be a factor at all, we think just because you are over 30 doesn’t mean you can’t still be beautiful!

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics or to scroll through.)
* Photos courtesy of GinaMarie Zimmerman from Andrew Foord Photography

GinaMarie told us via Twitter that she thinks the girls of Playboy are “so beautiful” and “it’s a dream of mine” to find her way into their company. From these photos, we have to say we don’t see why not!

Some might argue that GM doesn’t deserve to be in the pages of Playboy because of things she said while she was on Big Brother 15. Frankly, we believe in forgiveness and think everyone deserves a second chance. When do we decide someone has truly learned better and should be given the opportunity to start over? Why not now?

We hope that someone might someday make our dreams come true, even if not everyone in the world may like us either.  So we’ll hope that everyone out there who has a dream may someday realize it, including former Big Brother 15 star GinaMarie Zimmerman.

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