Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 1 Competition Results (7/09/22)

Big Brother 24 had its first Power of Veto Competition today. The outcome could set the tone for the season. If a nominee wins it, then we may have a shakeup already that could send quite a few people spinning. This could be an exciting start to Big Brother 24. If the HOH wins or someone who doesn’t plan to use the Veto, then it may lead to a less than exciting start. 

Terrance Higgins and Michael Bruner are already at the bottom of the Big Brother ladder, so taking one of them out this week, doesn’t really do anything to alter the game. However, a lot of alliances and power structures are already being formed in week 1. Taking out someone critical to an already formed alliance could smash the game completely open.

We also have the Backstage twist out there. We don’t know what it does, but it could put Alyssa Snider, Paloma Aguilar, and Brittany Hoopes in jeopardy instead of this week’s nominees. 

The Power of Veto player ceremony lead to Matt Turner, Ameerah Jones, and Indy Santos being picked to play along with Head of Household Daniel Durston, and nominees Michael and Terrance. Everyone going into this week’s Power of Veto Competition wanted to win. Some of them wanted to win to guarantee themselves safety, others to keep nominations the same, and some might even want to have the power and option to make a different move this week.

So who actually won this week’s Power of Veto Competition? Read below to find out!



Michael won the Power of Veto!

This means that nominations are going to change. Daniel didn’t have a solid plan before Veto, so anyone could be in danger.

Are you happy with the results?

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