In between scouting for the latest Big Brother 14 news and playing with our shiny new SuperPass Big Brother 2012 live feed subscription, we pondered what fun thing to write about today. Since we tackled the top 5 best Big Brother players of all time yesterday, it seemed a natural follow-up to speculate on the top 5 worst ones today!

Every Big Brother season has its share of idiots, clueless people, boring floaters and drama-queens who dig their own holes. Honestly, it was harder figuring out a list of the worst Big Brother players than it was picking out the best Big Brother players yesterday! Even so, there were a few people that we just could not ignore for how colossally they failed in playing Big Brother.

Honorable Mentions: Brendon Villegas (as a pair with Rachel Reilly, he was formidable, by himself, clueless — evicted 3 times!), Bryan Ollie (for dealing himself right out the door), Mike Lubinski (for more alliances than he could even keep track of), Dustin Erikstrup (for basically backdooring himself), Jessie Godderz (for being an overall terrible player and fighting with Renny on the very first night), Adam Jasinski (for being a douche on BB and in real life despite winning) and Adam Poch (for everything — but we still love you Adam).

5. Chima (BB11)

Chima actually managed to self-evict, a rare and wondrous feat in Big Brother history. Pissed off over Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd ascending to power in the Big Brother House, Chima had a meltdown, pissed off the producers by throwing her microphone in the hot tub, and was herself promptly thrown right out the door. Ouch.

4. Kathy Hillis (BB12)

Kathy Hillis lived up to every negative stereotype about bleached blonds known in existence. She was utterly clueless and yet somehow seemed to think she really had a handle on the game at times that she was so wrong it wasn’t even funny. Plus, she was a massive fail in every single competition.

3. Mike Dutz (BB8)

This one is very simple. When you are told by the Head of Household if you try to make them lose the Power of Veto challenge you will be put on the block and sent home, and that HoH is Evel Dick, you f**king listen. Mike didn’t.

2. Marcellas Reynolds (BB3)

In what was possibly one of the dumbest moves ever made on Big Brother, Marcellas Reynolds won the Power of Veto when his head was on the block, and then did NOT use it. That was just a severe case of the stupids.

1. Lawon Exum (BB13)

In what can only be considered the single most ridiculously idiotic move in Big Brother history, Lawon Exum eliminated himself. He literally asked to go on the elimination block and asked to be evicted. He thought he was going to get some kind of special power and get to come back in the Big Brother House. All he got was a crapload of FAIL.

So who would you choose for the worst Big Brother players of all time and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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