Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 41: The Rat Race

To most of the Big Brother 21 players, Christie Murphy is the queen of the house. She must be filled in on each and every detail about everything, or you are at risk to suffer her wrath. There was a little conflict between Head of Household Holly Allen and her showmance partner Jackson Michie, and Christie. Christie let the paranoia kick in and she started to worry that Jackson and Holly had a deal with Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone. Holly later spoke about the frustration of not being trusted and having to explain herself all the time, especially to Christie.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 41-9

There is definitely many, deep cracks starting to show within the Six Shooters, but for Christie, that might not be a problem. She has plenty of players willing to throw themselves at her feet to be in her good graces, but Sam is no longer one of them. Sam had a private conversation with Analyse Talavera, which he made her promise not to tell anyone. During it, he told her that Christie told Cliff Hogg III during his Head of Household reign that, as long as it wasn’t her, she was fine with Jack Matthews and Jackson going on the block.

Sam also revealed that Christie was plotting to make Jackson and Jack look like bullies for asking her to use her power. Then when Jackson won the Power of Veto, she switched that claim to Nick and Sam being the bullies for trying to force her not to use it. Of course, Analyse couldn’t keep this new news secret, and she pulled Holly alone in her HOH room. They discussed what Sam told her.

Analyse gave a very distorted version of Sam’s info. And no not because she was trying to protect him, help him, or manipulate Holly, but because she genuinely couldn’t remember all the details and facts. She also didn’t understand half of what he told her. However, Holly got the general idea that Christie couldn’t be trusted. Analyse and Holly also worried that Christie was playing too hard. She made deals for the whole group without consulting the group, and she told too much information.

They also wondered if Christie and Tommy Bracco were really the ones who made a deal with Nick. Analyse was sure that Tommy had one with him. Sam was in a share info with the wrong people kind of mood. He also told Cliff that he wasn’t going to campaign against Kathryn Dunn, but he would say things to get her to spiral. If she spiraled enough, the house might want her out. He also told Nick about telling people how Christie was working against Jack and Jackson.

Nick wanted to be anointed king rat, so he talked to Jackson and Tommy about whether he should tell someone something he heard. He didn’t give them many details, but it was enough clues for them to figure out that he wanted to tell Christie something that Sam told him. He then also shared this with Cliff, because he knew Sam had told Cliff the same thing. Nick made a big production of it, and then he asked Kat and Holly to leave the room so that he could have a private conversation with Christie.

He also had Cliff come to the room. He then told Christie everything, and he claimed to do it because he wanted to win back their (the Sixes) trust. Once Nick left the room, Cliff said he didn’t like or understand why Nick couldn’t have waited to share this information with Christie. It just made things look sketchy. Cliff said the only reason he shared the info as well is because he didn’t want to look guilty by not telling as well, once Nick decided to spill the beans. Cliff also let Christie know that Sam planned to make Kat spiral.

Later, Holly, Jackson, and Kat had a conversation on the hammock about Analyse. They all agreed she was kind of being bitchy and sketchy. They thought that maybe she was using flirting as a strategy, and that she was trying to stay in Christie’s good graces by flirting with her as well. Holly and Kat also thought that Analyse might be trying to pin stuff on them, like saying Holly was the one who wanted to keep Sam.

Cliff decided to get ahead of things once more by telling Sam that Nick couldn’t be trusted with info. He wanted to get back on the good side of the Six Shooters, so would spill info if necessary. Sam later tells Cliff and Nicole that Analyse is trustworthy. She hasn’t spread information that he’s given her (ha).

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