Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (07/29/19)

This Big Brother 21 week got dosed with a shot of excitement when Nick Maccarone won the week 5 Power of Veto. It disrupted the status quo and eviction order. The Six Shooters’ intended target would not be going home this week, but, they had a backup target. Sam Smith had a few things going against him: (1). He is likable and can easily win a jury vote, (2). He was in an alliance/close friendship with public enemies number one and two, Isabella Wang and Nick, (3). He won too many competitions at the start of Big Brother 21, which made him seem like a competition threat. If the Six Shooters couldn’t get out Nick this week, they were definitely going to go after the second best option in Sam.

Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony

Like every Big Brother player should, Sam refused to just accept defeat. He’s been trying any way to stay in the game this week, including throwing any and everyone under the bus. However, Holly Allen is closely aligned with the heavy hitters, so it would be useless to try to get her to go after one of them. And the Outsiders just don’t seem that threatening.

Holly plans to put the nail in Sam’s coffin by nominating an ally, Kathryn Dunn, which would make it really hard for Sam to stay. The threat of Nick and him as a duo outweighs any threat of Kat. But as they say in life and Big Brother: Never Give Up. We expect Sam to campaign all week.



Nick used the Veto to save himself from the block. Holly stuck to the plan and nominated Kat as a replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Sam or Kat will be the final pre-jury person evicted from the Big Brother 21 game.

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