Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 40: Business As Usual

It was another lazy Sunday in the Big Brother 21 house. The backyard was open, the houseguests completed the Veto competition, and the target seemed set for this week, but the show must go on. When not napping and having general chit-chat, some players continued to push their agenda forward.

Analyse Talavera continued her save Sam Smith, get Nicole Anthony out campaign. She told others how she just couldn’t trust Nicole and her sketchy ways. She had a much better game and personal relationship with Sam. The Six Shooters accepted Analyse’s concerns and input, but they weren’t budging on getting rid of Sam this week. Eventually, Analyse just wanted them to agree to take out Nicole next week if they got Sam out this week. Of course, they agreed to do it.

Meanwhile, Holly Allen was concerned about Nick Maccarone getting back in with the Six Shooters. She worried that Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, and Nick had some agreement or alliance. Holly’s fears proved warranted because Nick told Analyse that he would do everything possible to gain the Six Shooters and her trust back.

Sam tried to get Holly to throw him a lifeline this week by putting up a bigger target than him. Holly sympathized with Sam, and she discussed hating him to nominate someone, but she had a good relationship with everyone in the game. The only other option besides Sam would be Nicole. Holly told Sam that she just didn’t know what to do this week.

Prior to her conversation with Sam, Holly and Kathryn Dunn confirmed their plan for this week: Holly would nominate Kat as a pawn, and Sam would go home. The two women then discussed how Jack Matthews was running the game right now. Kat wasn’t as worried about the potential threat of Jack as Holly, because she thought players like Jack don’t win Big Brother. Kat also admitted to Holly that Christie told her and the other Cliff’s Angels that she wanted to work with them. She didn’t want to go to the finals with the other two couples. However, Kat said Christie had stopped that talk this week.

Life gurus Tommy and Christie gave Nicole some game advice. They let her know that she was safe this week, but she needed to make a choice. Her being ambiguous was making people not trust her. She couldn’t play on the fence. Nicole countered by pointing out that Christie is allowed to say and do things that Nicole does and gets labeled sketchy for doing. Christie didn’t agree with Nicole’s assessment of the situation.

In a private game conversation, Tommy and Christie confirmed that they were voting out Sam this week. They didn’t care who he was up against or what Holly wanted. Tommy also admitted that he wanted to vote out Sam, even with Nick on the block. Christie also said that she still didn’t want to go to the end with the other two couples. She rather have Jessica Milagros in the final five because she was a player easy to beat. They also discussed no longer playing safe. They wanted to make big moves and go after big players.

Christie got hit with a major dose of paranoia as she felt Holly and Jackson weren’t keeping them in the loop enough. She worried that they might be trying to work with Nick and Sam. She said if they nominated Nicole this week, she knew something was up. She also thought Jack was involved in the secret scheming. Christie’s paranoia led to Jess and her confronting Sam about all his game scheming, like whether he was trying to keep Isabella Wang last week. Holly and Jackson also discussed how sketchy Analyse has been this week, especially trying to keep Sam in the game.

Christie and Tommy also got their new punishment costumes, which made them look like purple Oompa Loompas.

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