Big Brother 18 Stock Exchange: Week One – 6/30/2016

Whose stock is rising and who’s is falling? Time for a new weekly piece we’re trying out, the Big Brother Stock Exchange. Each week we’ll check in and profile a few specific houseguests and why you should be buying or selling their games right now.


Please note that this article contains Big Brother spoilers, please do not keep on reading if you don’t want to know the current state of the house included expected eviction results and up-to-date feeds information.

big-brother spoilers alert

I’ve even come up with some handy little stock symbols for the houseguests. For instance, Jozea would be JOZ but his stock has already filed for bankruptcy and it’s only a matter of hours until it goes completely under. Before we get into who you should be buying or selling, I’ll address those houseguests with who are remaining steady.

No Change: Zakiyah (ZAK), Paul (PAL), Frank (FRK), Corey (COR), Da’Vonne (DAV), Bridgette (BRG), Michelle (MCH), James (JMS)


While several of these houseguests are performing very well, they’ve remained relatively consistent and done nothing terribly right or wrong that could lead to a huge spike or huge loss in the coming days. I would keep an eye on Frank (FRK) as he and Tiffany (TIF) have an ongoing argument, as well as Da’Vonne (DAV) and Zakiyah (ZAK) depending on how today’s blindside is handled. Paul (PAL) vowed to go nuts if Jozea (JOZ) is evicted which could lead to me advising that you sell his stock, but as it stands now the Eight Pack does not see him as an impending target as much as a few of the stocks you should be selling as quickly as possible. James (JMS) also got some heat this week from Team Unicorn, but has since repaired things with Natalie (NAT) and should be just fine for the time being.



Natalie (NAT)

I’d buy stock in Natalie right now above any other houseguest. I think many were expecting her to be a Victoria type of character, but she’s proven to be a much savvier player than we could anticipate. While she’s on the wrong side of the house, several of the Eight Pack members (Tiffany, Frank, James) are grooming her to be an asset to themselves. If she continues to be as perceptive as she’s been and hold her cards close, she could be a real dark horse. She’s managed to not offend anyone and her charisma has drawn lots of people in. Of everyone, I’m most impressed by what I’ve seen from her this week particularly yesterday, and hope to see more of it.

Big Brother Live Feeds NicoleNicole (NIC)

It had seemed that she was a ripe target for the newbies not in her alliance just a few days ago, and she still could be, but she’s doubly protected by both the Eight Pack and the Fatal Five. Even so, I think with the potential for a blindside tonight, she will escape being in the crosshairs whereas Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Frank, and James might get more heat. She might have to watch how close she is with Corey and avoid any sort of HoHitis fall from grace, but otherwise I think she’s set up pretty well.


Paulie (PLE)

With all of the potential fallout of tonight’s blindside, he should easily escape any hot water. He can sit on the fence and not really take sides in the eviction, and as long as he doesn’t hold it against the Revolution, he should easily skate through the next several weeks without much of a problem. He’s also grown closer to Tiffany, and while he’s expendable to the Eight Pack, I still think he outlasts at least a few of them. There were concerns earlier in the week about him being a distraction for Zakiyah but that no longer seems like a concern for the Eight Pack.



Victor (VIC)

From the moment the feeds came on, the Eight Pack have been priming him for be the target next week. If Team Unicorn isn’t in power, he could be in deep trouble very soon. He’s not handled the pressure of the game very well, with him being easily offended by James’ pranks, condescending towards some of the women, and overall annoying and abrasive to many of them. He’s been pinpointed as someone who eats a lot of the food in the house and he’s given Natalie in particular a hard time about her appearance at times. I’d venture to guess that without a drastic change if his team isn’t immune and he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, he’ll follow Jozea out the door, especially if he doesn’t handle tonight’s eviction well.

bb18tiffany Tiffany (TIF)

Throughout the week many of the members of the Eight Pack and the Fatal Five had their questions about Tiffany. Da’Vonne had concerns when she freaked out over some information she was providing, which led to the Fatal Five deciding they’d need to keep some information from her. And last night, things took a turn for the worse when she had a near-meltdown after Frank raised his voice at her. This was the second time this week she cried after being yelled at by Frank. She needs to get a grip on her emotions and take a backseat while the veterans and the Revolution duke it out for the next few weeks. She can quietly work angles like Paulie and Natalie, and build an army for later, but she should not be sticking out as a liability for her alliance this early.


Bronte (BRO)

Things have only gotten worse for Bronte as the week has gone on. Many of the women in the house aren’t fond of her and mention that she stares at them or gives them dirty looks. Over the course of the week she’s gotten very close to Paul, and while Natalie has tried to protect her, she’s done herself no favors. She needs to do some repairing of her relationships in the house and play the game more logically as opposed to emotionally if she wants a shot to get back into the fold. I think the pressure of the game has gotten to her and we’re not quite seeing what she promised in the interviews, but there’s some time to turn it around if she thinks before she acts.
That’s it for this week’s stock report! So who’s stock are you buying and selling? Comment or tell us on Twitter @BigBroAccess.


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