Big Brother 18 Recap: Blindside & Shocking Surprise! 6/30/2016

We’ve been waiting all week for the Big Brother 18 eviction results tonight hoping for quite the dramatic exit this evening. The major alliance in the house has been working hard to pull off a complete blindside of their target. Before the Live Feeds went off before the show on Thursday evening, it still looks very likely the person getting the boot tonight is in for one hell of a shock.

Big Brother 18 Eviction Results

Nicole Franzel, the current Head of Household, marked Jozea Flores as the target to evict this week after learning he wanted all the returning houseguests out ASAP, starting with her first as soon as possible. Jozea only made the situation worse for himself when he crowed that he was the “Messiah” of the newbies to Da’Vonne Rogers and would lead them to conquer the vets one by one.

Nicole and Da’Vonne, along with fellow veterans Frank Eudy and James Huling, quickly formed up into a core alliance, and then recruited four rookie players into their fold to form the 8 Pack alliance. With the firm majority in the house, the alliance set out to make sure their target, Jozea, would be the one walking out the door Thursday night.

Even more fun for us (hopefully), most of them seemed quite determined to go for a total blindside, leaving Jozea to gasp in shock when he suddenly discovered he is not, in fact, the “heart and soul” of the house and that no, it’s not true that “everyone loves” him.

The whole blindside part of the eviction ran into some rough ground over the past few days as leaks started to form around the edges of the previously tight 8 Pack alliance. We thought the whole thing was blown when we watched veteran Frank Eudy on the Big Brother Live Feeds basically spill the beans to Natalie Negrotti in an attempt to get her to vote with the majority. Despite our fears she would go running off to tell Jozea about what was going done, he was still in the dark as far as well could tell when the Live Feeds were turned off several hours before the eviction show was set to begin.


Let’s get tonight’s eviction results show party started!

Oh dear! The first thing host Julie Chen tells us is that although Glenn has been evicted, and another houseguest is about to get the boot, “their game is far from over.” I’m guessing this means we may have a chance for evicted players to come back at some point in the game?

Big Brother 18 Episode 5

From the moment he entered the house, he’s been running the show — or at least Jozea thinks so. But now he’s sitting on the eviction block and the house majority seems aligned against him. But is getting out the most obvious target always the best move?

Paulie is keeping the faith that his homeboys are going to keep him safe. Frank says Bridgette got caught in the crosshairs being put up as the replacement nominee for Paul, who won the Power of Veto. Jozea tells Bridgette that he has her back. But she says that’s what everyone always says.

Paulie tells Da’Vonne he believes that Paulie won the Road Kill challenge, when of course, it was Paul. Victor thinks him and his buddies, including Jozea, have the votes to keep Jozea. In fact, Jozea thinks it is going to be a total landslide against Paulie. He goes to talk to Nicole and tells her that he has no issues with her and he thinks after the show they are totally going to be besties.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5 1

In Diary Room, Nicole can’t believe Jozea is trying to get friendly with him after going around saying she is his biggest target. She says if there is some kind of tie this week, she will send him packing.

Nicole is pissed that Bridgette was spying on her and her allies during a house meeting, because she thought Bridgette was going to be a possible ally. Speaking of ladies’ alliances, however, the Fatal Five of Da’Vonne, Tiffany, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle seem to be going strong so far. They talk about how they need to make side alliances with other members of the house.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5 1

James goes pranking and replaces the contents of a lotion bottle with mayonnaise. Natalie puts it all over her body and doesn’t notice. Bronte, however, figures out when she’s about it put it on after her shower that it’s mayo. Natalie runs and goes to beat on James in bed for watching her put mayo all over her body, while Bronte screams across the house at him.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-26-2016 2

Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie are wondering why no one is talking to them about who they should vote for. They wonder if something is going on because it’s weird that no one seems to care that everyone is supposedly voting against Paulie. If Jozea goes home, that means the other side of the house is a lot stronger than they anticipated.

Bridgette tells Jozea, Paul and Zakiyah that they need to watch out for Nicole because she might be up to more than they think. Zakiyah goes and tells Nicole and the other girls in the Fatal Five. Michelle says she’d be happy to get rid of Bridgette even if she is on her team.

Back to host Julie Chen and before commercial, she says again that it “won’t be the end of the line” for the houseguests who gets evicted on tonight’s show. Can I just groan out loud now? I hate when evicted players go back in the game. They were evicted, that’s it, they should be out of there!

As the first live eviction looms, a petty argument threatens to change the vote. James is throwing chips at people from the balcony and Victor complains about it. Victor apparently likes to complain and comment about a lot of stuff.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5 1

Especially when it comes to telling Natalie she shouldn’t eat bad things because she will get fat. And mocking her for putting on so much makeup. She tells James that she’s sick of Victor (who she apparently was cuddling with before the Live Feeds started). Natalie says she’s just totally over him. Paul comes in and interrupts ‘girl talk’ and James tells him to get out.

Paul is not happy about James throwing him out of ‘girl time’ where he was chatting privately with Bronte, Natalie and the girls. He wants either to be included or to break it up. Bronte pulls him out and tries to calm him down. Paul is really pissed and wants the whole thing with James hanging out inside with the girls and having ‘girl time’ with them to be done.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5

Bronte gets in a total b*tch fest with Paul, Victor, and Jozea over all of this and says they don’t need to be stirring things up confronting James. The guys basically blow her off and tell her to go back inside to spy on James and the girls and be useful. So she snarkily tells them she’ll do just that then. they better watch out, or Bronte might just find herself ‘more useful’ on the other side.

The houseguests up for eviction now give their final speeches before the live vote. Jozea says he’s honest, loyal and bold and he’ll stay that way so vote for him. Paulie gives a funny impression and says he’s had fun playing with them. Bridgette says she hopes they will keep her, she’s been nice and friendly, and she’s still working on her cookie recipe.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5

Now it’s time for the live vote:

  • Victor votes to evict: Paulie
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Jozea
  • Paul votes to evict: Paulie
  • Frank votes to evict: Jozea
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Jozea
  • Michelle votes to evict: Jozea
  • Bronte votes to evict: Paulie
  • Natalie votes to evict: Paulie
  • James votes to evict: Jozea
  • Tiffany votes to evict: Jozea
  • That’s enough. Jozea is evicted.
  • Corey votes to evict: Jozea

Jozea is evicted! He does not really look as shocked as we thought he should if he truly was blindsided. So we’re wondering if maybe the cat got out of the bag before the live eviction.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5 1

Back from break, and Julie wonders why Jozea didn’t say one word while he was hugging everyone goodbye (and he did hug everyone!). He says he feels most betrayed by Natalie and says she pulled a cold last minute switcheroo. Julie talks about how Jozea called himself the “Messiah” of the newbies and that he was in control of the house, but here he is. Jozea says he thinks in the last couple of days the other side of the house persuaded the ‘weak-minded’ players to switch sides.

Julie wants to know why Jozea openly targeted Nicole. Jozea says Nicole was a snake in her previous season and the moment he saw her, he thought she needed to go home. Jozea says that being honest and open could have led to his rising, or to his downfall. Apparently it lead to his downfall. Jozea said that calling the House Meeting was him trying to be inspirational and be a ‘Messiah’ and leader for people to come to.

In goodbye messages, Da’Vonne said she really liked him but she just couldn’t get with him calling himself the ‘Messiah’. Nicole says he shouldn’t tell the HoH he is coming for them. Paul says he doesn’t know what happened but they’ll hang out on the outside. Paulie says he should know better than to underestimate a Calafiore’s charm or their game. Jozea tells Julie that the ‘Calafiore’ won’t last long in the game.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5 1

Julie asks what Jozea would do if he could go back and do it all over. He says he would go in the house “tight-lipped” and make one solid friend and go from there. Julie tells him that guess what, he may have a chance to do just that. Jozea is like whaaaaaaaaatttttt?!?

The next bit twist is called the ‘Battle Back’ and it will send one of the first five evicted houseguests back in the game. So Glenn and Jozea will face off had to head. The loser will go home. The winner will go up against next week’s evicted houseguest. Jozea is very excited and tells Julie “thank you honey!”

Time for the Head of Household Competition. The teams will once again be competing against each other. They will have to collect ‘berries’ and then carry them across log beams, keeping their balance, to put them in a container for the team. If a team member falls off, they are eliminated and are out of the challenge. The first team to get to their last berry has to choose which person to go and collect the final ‘HoH’ berry and become the next Head of Household.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5

The CBS TV show ended before the Head of Household competition is over, so TV viewers will have to wait until Sunday to find out who won. We did see Natalie fall off a beam, so she was out of the competition first. If you can’t wait to find out who the next Head of Household will be, you can jump over to our Big Brother spoilers post on the competition and find out!


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