Big Brother 13 Episode 10: Week 3 Eviction and HoH Results

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On Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS, we have a nasty eviction and our first endurance Head of Household competition! If you have been following the plotting in the house from previous episodes and on the Big Brother live feeds, you were probably already pretty sure who was going to get the boot tonight.

Well, we are sorry to say there was no sudden, last minute surprise when it came to eviction time. Sorry because we love those last minute backstabs for the drama factor. Not really that sorry that this particular houseguest got the boot.

If you haven’t already guessed or don’t know, it was Dominic who was evicted tonight from the Big Brother 13 house on Thursday night’s episode. At least he can say it wasn’t a unanimous vote though. His little house psuedo-girlfriend Daniele voted to keep him, even if no one else did. Of course, she’s also at least halfway responsible for him getting kicked out this week too, so…

Poor Dominic, he really never stood a chance once he let Daniele get him in her clutches. Once that happened, he was no longer playing the game, he was having the game played for him by everyone else. Too bad.

Host Julie Chen congratulates the remaining houseguests on making it to the top ten and tells them that the golden key passes are no longer valid. Everyone will now be playing singles and everyone is now able to rejoin the competitions.

For the Head of Household competition this week, we have our first endurance competition! The competition is called “Big Brother Slalom” and it looks like not very much fun at all. Much like the surfboard competition from last year, the houseguests have to perch themselfs on tiny skies while they sway and feel their calf muscles burn. The last person standing wins is the HOH.

For future reference, when these endurance competitions go past the end of the episode, you can always tune in to the Big Brother 13 live feeds to watch the rest of the action! If you’d like to rewind the feeds and watch the whole competition, you can go back to 6:15PM BBT to check it out. Otherwise, read on for the results.

We aren’t terribly surprised when the first houseguest drops from the skis because, well, he just hasn’t been very good at competitions. For some of them, he’s been throwing them. Others, he just sucks at them. So when Adam is one of the first two off, it comes as no shock. Lawon is the other early fail.

Brendon is the next to take a dive as the contestants are pelted with fake snow. Jeff and Jordan are the next two to go down. Will the newbies finally get the coveted HOH spot? Porsche bites it next, followed by Shelly and now it is down to just Daniele and Kalia. Kalia asks Daniele to make a deal and Daniele sort of agrees, kinda? Kalia drops out. Daniele is now the new Head of Household.

We cannot wait to see the chaos this is going to cause among both the veteran alliance and the newbies. Especially since Daniele is PISSED about the veterans (especially Rachel and Brendon) defying her wishes and getting her boy toy Dominic voted out. Too much fun!

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