Big Brother 13 Episode 9: Wednesday Night Recap

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Last night’s episode of Big Brother 13 on CBS started off with Dominic believing that he is still safe despite being up on the eviction block with duo partner Adam. Adam, meanwhile, is also confident he is safe from elimination due to his wheeling and dealing with Brendon and Rachel.

Dominic believes his deal with Brendon and Rachel to keep him safe will keep him from being eliminated. He is also confident he has Daniele on his side as well. So he’s hopeful he is just the pawn. Adam, meanwhile, is really hoping Brendon and Rachel aren’t going to turn around and burn him. Jeff is just glad Rachel didn’t give in to her vindictive side after the nasty fight she had with him and nominate him and Jordan.

Adam and Dominic get together in the Have Not room to chat about the Power of Veto Competition. Adam tells Dominic he doesn’t have any pull with Jeff and Jordan to effect the game if they get picked. They discuss whether they might both be pawns and Rachel is planning to backdoor someone. Sneaky Rachel, btw, is outside the door trying to listen in. Finally, she goes in and tells them if they want to talk deals, she’s ready to listen. Adam and Dominic tell her they want to play for Power of Veto before they talk deals. Dominic gets pissy in the Diary Room asking what happened to the deal with Rachel he already had?

Dominic and Daniele flirt in the Tarot room and talk about what’s going on with Rachel and Brendon. Daniele says she’ll talk to them. Dominic jokingly says he trusts Daniele 100% — as long as she keeps him safe this week.

Daniele goes up to the Head of Household room to talk to Brendon and Rachel. Rachel tells Daniele that Jordan isn’t talking to her and says “people have been mentioning that it would be smart to put them up and why won’t I?” She’s obviously fishing to see how Daniele will respond. Daniele tells Rachel “there is a big movement this week and everyone would be on your side.” In the Diary Room, Daniele is excited that Rachel seems to finally be listening to her.

CBS tortures us at this point with Brendon and Rachel sharing a bath in their bathing suits and rubbing each other’s feet. Eewwwwwwwwwwwww. Brendon and Rachel discuss what is going on with Jordan and Jeff and whether it would be smart to make a big move to get them out — or roll the dice and keep the alliance together for now.

Dominic approaches Rachel and tells her that he 100% wants to work with her and Brendon. He says he trusts them way more than Jeff and Jordan. Dominic asks Rachel how Adam stands with them. Rachel lies and tells Dominic that Adam is not making any deals with her and Brendon. Dominic says he’ll throw the POV Competition for them, but he has no idea what is going on with Adam.

We move on to more flirting between Daniele and Dominic over the weight bench. Dominic tells Daniele she just doesn’t like being alone. Daniele teases Dominic that he misses his Mommy. Daniele laughs and says in the Diary Room that it’s a “love-hate relationship. He loves me and I hate him.”

Jeff is not happy about seeing Daniele and Dominic together “way too much” because she is supposed to be in an alliance with them and should know he wants Dominic out of the house.

Jeff and Jordan are selected to compete in the Power of Veto Competition with Adam, Dominic, Rachel and Brendon. Daniele is not pleased because if Jeff or Jordan win, all her plans are “denonezeo” — which we think means, she’s screwed. Rachel selects her butt buddy Porsche to host the POV.

Jordan and Jeff discuss what they should do about Dominic. Jeff is not pleased about Daniele’s relationship with Dominic. Jordan, however, wonders if they keep Dominic if it will keep Daniele on their side when they go after Rachel and Brendon. Jeff says he just doesn’t trust her.

Up in the Head of Household room, Daniele is annoyed that Rachel and Brendon have gotten Dominic to agree to throw the Veto Competition. Rachel says that if he wins, he’ll pull himself and Adam off, which was obviously not the original plan.

Daniele continues to harp on the idea of getting Jeff and Jordan up on the block instead. Brendon says he or Rachel just need to win POV so they can keep all their options open.  Daniele is seriously upset that Brenchel is not listening to her.

After Daniele leaves, Brendon tells Rachel he thinks Daniele is setting them up to fight with Jeff and Jordan while she puts herself in the perfect position to move forward in the game. Jordan and Jeff come in and Brendon asks them how their feelings are with Daniele.

All of them feel Daniele has the best position in the house and has it way too easy. Brendon talks about how if they keep Dominic, Daniele would have someone to team up with to get to the final two.

Porsche, dressed in a pink bathrobe and bikini, announces the time for the Veto Competition has arrived and hands out colored rubber duckies to the competitors. The houseguests go into the backyard to find a giant head and hairy legs sticking out of the sudsy pool like some monster woman is taking a bath in it.

Jordan says Jeff gets really grossed out by hairy legs. In the Diary Room, Jeff says the ladies gotta “keep it clean down there… everywhere” That is almost as disgusting as having to watch Rachel and Brendon bathe together. Kalia also apparently has a hair thing. She hates “hair that is not attached to your head, it’s gross.” This is pretty much all we hear out of Kalia the whole episode. Only Lawon seems to get even less screen time.

The competing houseguests have to jump into the pool and pluck as many hairs from the giant legs as they can in 10 minutes. Each hair has a letter the competitors can use at their ‘razor station’ to spell out the longest word they can. Jeff hopes he can redeem himself from the last spelling competition, in which he created the nonsense word ‘technotronic’ out of thin air.

Dominic is trying to throw the competition, of course, so he’s not really trying very hard. Pretending to be looking for the right letters to spell what he wants, he just plucks masses of hairs and throws them into the pool. Jordan looks at her letters and says, well, she could spell farting… Adam is trying to go for procrastination. Rachel wants to spell out moisturizing. In the end, the competitors spell out:

Jordan: Little
Dominic: Standings
Rachel: Mouisturizing (misspelled)
Adam: Fractions
Jeff: Expresses
Brendon: Understanding

With the longest (correctly spelled word — god Rachel, really?), Brendon wins the Power of Veto. Dominic laughs and makes jokes in the Diary Room over Rachel’s misspelling. He is pretty happy because he believes he has a solid deal with Brendon and Rachel. Daniele, however, is not happy as she’s not so confident about Brenchel keeping Dominic safe. Adam is not feeling good because he’s not sure Rachel and Brendon are going to honor a deal with him either.

America is asked to vote what food items to give the Have Nots for the week:

1. Black Licorice and Blue Cheese
2. Parsnips and Prunes
3. Seaweed and Sardines

Rachel and Daniele talk about who to put up while they are laying out in the sun. Rachel speculates about putting up Lawon and Kalia. Daniele asks what the point would be of that. Rachel then says, well, what would the point be of putting up Jordan and Jeff? Daniele says it would be to “get rid of the biggest threat in the house.” Rachel expresses her continued distrust in Dominic. Daniele assures Rachel that she has “Dominic in your freakin’ pocket.” Daniele also tells Rachel she would never, ever turn on her and Brendon.

Meanwhile, Dominic works Shelly to make sure he gets her vote and discusses getting Jeff out as soon as possible. He talks about how he is working with Daniele. Dominic doesn’t know, however, that Shelly is in tight with Jordan and Jeff. She immediately tells Jordan all about what Dominic said about getting rid of Jeff and how he’s working with Daniele.

Jordan and Shelly run right up to the HOH room to tell Brendon and Rachel what Dominic said. Shelly tells them Dominic said he already has Dani and wants to pair up with Shelley so they can all go up against the vets. Rachel is seriously peeved Dominic and Daniele would dare to try to form an alliance to come up against the vets.

The vets are now all aligned against Daniele and Dominic over all of this, but they plan on keeping Daniele in the dark.

A bit later in the HOH room, Brendon tells Jeff that Daniele came to him and Rachel to strike a deal between them, her and Dominic to keep Dominic in the game. Brendon also reveals that Daniele had talked to them about making a “big move” to get Rachel and Brendon to put Jeff and Jordan on the block. Brendon says Daniele wants the rest of the vets to fight and take each other out, leaving her with her boy toy Dominic to take control of the house.

Jeff says in the Diary Room that first he needs to get Dominic out and then Daniele becomes his target number one. Jeff tells Brendon he was down with a final five before, but now he’ll be great with a final four of him, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon.

In the Veto Meeting, Brendon announces that he will not be using the Power of Veto to remove Dominic and Adam from the block. Dominic says in the Diary Room that he hopes his deal with Brendon and Rachel will stick.

Rachel, however, says Daniele has played her hand too soon and now her closest ally is about to go out the door. Daniele says she is done looking out for Rachel and Brendon and she’s ready to get back into this game.

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