Big Brother 19 Premiere Night 1 Recap: Welcome to the Den (6/28/17)

The Big Brother 19, summer of temptations, has finally started. We’re in for a twisty, expect the unexpected ride. It has been a long few months of waiting for tonight’s big premiere. Along the way, we had to deal with a lot of rumors about Big Brother 19, everything from an all-star season to pairs. Tonight puts all those rumors to rest with an epic two-hour Big Brother 2017 premiere.

Big Brother 19 premiere, move in day 2

Tonight’s Big Brother 19 premiere episode should start with the introduction of the 16 new houseguests. We get to see their hometown videos, and a little bit of their personalities, and then we see them move into the Big Brother 19 house. After that, the real drama begins. Host Julie Chen soon announces the latest twist, and we see them scramble to figure out how to make this change work in their favor.

The sly houseguests won’t be bothered by the temptation wrench. They know the game, and how to manipulate it in their favor. The ones here for the fame may be thrown off at how ruthless Big Brother can become.

The Big Brother 19 premiere starts off the season with a major bang. Catch up on all the Big Brother 19 premiere action below


We start the season with an introduction to the Big Brother 19 houseguests. The first ones we meet are Christmas, Dominique, Alex, Jason, and Kevin. Next, we meet Mark, Elena, and Ramses.

Host Julie Chen then talks to the first eight houseguests. She tells them about temptations distracting them from their goal of winning $500,000. She then lets the first four enter: Alex, Elena, Ramses, and Mark.

BB19 Kevin and Family

Next, Jason, Kevin, Christmas, and Dominique enter. Mark comments on how hot Christmas is, and she comments, in the DR,on how she wants to win the money. Kevin tells everyone that he has 7 kids. He dubs himself as the dad of the Big Brother 19 house.

We then meet the next bunch of Big Brother 19 houseguests. The first ones we meet are Josh, Raven, Cody, and Megan. Then we meet Cameron, Jessica, Matthew, and Jillian.

Raven talks about her all women’s ghost hunting group (W.I.G. They don’t wig out, they figure it out). Cameron talks about not being the typical nerd. Matthew mentions how he started going grey at 18.

Julie tells the final 8 that the other eight have already moved into the BB house. She lets Matthew, Raven, Cameron, and Jillian enter the house. Christmas comments on Matthew being a ‘silver fox.’ Kevin tells Cameron not to be nervous. Josh, Jessica, Megan, and Cody are the last to enter the Big Brother 19 house.

BB19 Ramses and megan

Ramses confesses to being a superfan to Alex and Megan.

Everyone then sits around introducing themselves. Cody comments about Josh being over the top. And alot of the women comment on Matthew being hot. He comments about Christmas and Jessica being hot as well. First temptation coming up next…

The first temptation involves being tempted with $25,000. If someone takes it, it unleashes the first twist on the Big Brother 19 houseguests. One twist is a personal one, and the second is for the house. The person who took the money has to throw the HOH competition. Julie kept the consequence a secret at that time. Kevin took the temptation.

Julie tells viewers that the temptation is that a 17th houseguests is joining them, and it’s a former player.

BB19 Paul Abrahamian

The door rings and Big Brother 18 Paul enters the house, and everyone tries to befriend him. Then Ramses, Alex, Megan, and Jillian form a little alliance. Julie then lets the houseguests know that Paul is now in the game and trying to win the $500,000.

Julie then tells them that someone is going home tonight, as part of a Big Brother 19 swap. She then tells them about the next temptation: safety. They must tempt Paul to give them safety: He received friendship bracelets to give out to 8 of the Big Brother 19 houseguests.