Big Brother 19: More Behind the Scenes Swimsuit Photos (PICTURES)

The Big Brother 19 houseguests took some fun swimsuit photos (this likely happened earlier this week). We have seen these Big Brother photoshoot every year. They have become part of the Big Brother tradition. Over the fall, Big Brother Over the Top gave us an exclusive behind the scenes look. We kind of wish Big Brother 19 continued to show us what happens as this photoshoot takes place.

Big Brother 19 swimsuit cast
Photo: Ella DeGea/CBS © 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Unfortunately, the things that made Big Brother Over the Top great, all access to the series, won’t be happening for Big Brother 19. Big Brother 2017 should follow the usual trend of no feeds during certain activities, such as power of veto ceremony, head of household competitions, and nominations. This means that we completely missed all the first week action.

Earlier today, Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner told Hollywood Reporter some of the action going on in the Big Brother 19 house. We now know who to watch for possible showmances, *cough Mark Jansen and Jessica Graf cough.*

Big Brother didn’t let us watch the Big Brother 19 swimsuit photoshoot, but it did release some of the behind the scenes photos through Entertainment Weekly. These photos also include some group shots. On them, we see that the Mark and Jessica showmance seems on full bloom. There are a couple pictures with them interacting in a playful way.

We also see some fun images of people playing with the apple theme (as it represents garden of eden, temptation). Check out more of these exclusive EW photos below.

Click the image to get a better look.

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