Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 4 Eviction Predictions-Will Christmas Be Cancelled This Week?

I wish I had more exciting news to give fans going into this week’s Big Brother: All-Stars eviction. If only the Big Brother gods would give us something to work with, absolutely anything. However, this is not a week for big moves apparently. 

Enzo Palumbo, “formerly known as the ‘Meow, Meow,” teased viewers and live feed watchers about a major game move. Instead, he played it safe by nominating house target Kaysar Ridha. He also named rising pawn star Kevin Campbell to go up next to him. The shoulders of this season was all on the Power of Veto Competition. Well…Kevin won! Saving himself from eviction, but guaranteeing Kaysar’s eviction.

Enzo put the last nail in Kaysar’s coffin by putting Christmas Abbott on the block next to Kaysar. The house is not voting out Christmas, even if Kaysar promised them gold and riches, they are not going to sway into keeping him. It’s very unfortunate. We haven’t had a shake-up or any type of hope for this season to have a power shift. Hopefully, that changes soon.

We had a boring week in terms of any hope of a vote flip. However, there has been a lot of commotion within the game with allies suddenly plotting against each other. We may finally get a shake-up, depending on who wins the Big Brother 22 Head of Household.

But for now, we’re in for a very boring eviction. Kaysar will be evicted by a unanimous vote, unless we get a few hinky votes. just to cause some more mistrust. 

Who do you think will go home this week on Big Brother 22?

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