Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/3/20)

When legendary Big Brother veteran Janelle Pierzina was evicted from the house last week, many of the other Big Brother All-Stars wanted her ride-or-die, Kaysar Ridha, to hit the road right behind her. When Enzo Palumbo, member of the house majority Slick Six alliance, won Head of Household this week, it was only a matter of time before Kaysar was back on the block for eviction.

Big Brother All-Star Week Four Block

Sitting on the block with Kaysar as a pawn was Kevin Campbell, which was his second trip to the block this season. When Kevin won the golden Power of Veto, Enzo was placed in the position of choosing another Big Brother All-Star to sit on the block with Kaysar. Enzo took the easy way out and chose Christmas Abbott who volunteered for the job as a pawn. Christmas did this because of her certainty that Kaysar was the target for eviction this week, and she wanted to build trust with Enzo without the house becoming aware of their secret alliance. With Christmas on the block with Kaysar, does he have any chance at staying in the Big Brother house tonight?

Week Four Power of Veto Fallout

Enzo doesn’t want to show his hand right now in the game and decided not to show his hand. Kaysar had a heart-to-heart with Memphis Garnett and asked him if he was going to let the other side continue to run the house. Little did Kaysar know that Memphis started the house majority alliance. Memphis continued to play stupid while speaking to Kaysar.

Week Four Alliance Update

Cody Calafiore confused to Enzo that there is another six person alliance in the Big Brother house other than the Slick Six alliance. The other alliance is called the Committee and includes Cody, Christmas, Memphis, Tyler Crispen, Dani Donato, and Nicole Franzel. Enzo seemed to take the news well and knows that Tyler and Cody are his boys.

Dani is hard at work overplaying the game right now inside the Slick Six. Tyler thinks she is trying to pit all of the alliance members against one another and watch it all play out. The alliance members are on to her methods and want to put a stop to the madness. Cody feels as if the alliance is on its way out due to the chaos and paranoia that has been caused in recent days.

Big Brother All-Stars Ian Kevin

Ian Terry and Kevin had a conversation about the current status of alliances in the Big Brother house. Ian confessed to Kevin that Kaysar had been telling him that a core group had been running the house. Ian was playing dumb until he realized there may be some truth in the accusation. Kevin and Ian came up with the scenario that Nicole and Cody were the core members of the secret alliance running the house.

Ian then spoke with Bayleigh Dayton about who is currently running the house. He thought it was Cody while Bay thought it was Dani. Ian went back to Kevin and devised a plan to have Kaysar blow up the house on his way out if evicted this week. Kaysar likes the idea of setting the house on fire at the eviction.

Week Four Live Eviction

As expected, Kaysar lite the house on fire exposing the alliances he thought were running the Big Brother house. He named Nicole and Cody at the head of the snake. Based on the faces of the accused houseguests, they did not seem too pleased.

Cody Votes to Evict Kaysar
Memphis Votes to Evict Kaysar
Dani Votes to Evict Kaysar
Ian Votes to Evict Kaysar
Kevin Votes to Evict Kaysar
Da’Vonne Rogers Votes to Evict Kaysar
David Alexander Votes to Evict Kaysar
Bay Votes to Evict Kaysar
Nicole Votes to Evict Kaysar
Tyler Votes to Evict Kaysar

Big Brother All-Stars Kaysar Ridha

By an unanimous vote of 10-0, Kaysar was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight. During his exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Kaysar said his speech was part of his Hail Mary to try and stay in the house. Kaysar explained this season has been very friendly and no-one has wanted to throw any punches. Kaysar was shocked when Julie told him about Memphis starting the house majority alliance.

Week Four Head of Household Competition

Tonight’s Head of Household competition is called Filter Face-Off. Two at a time, players will face off against one another. They will be shown a graphic with all 16 Big Brother houseguests with filter applied to their photos. Julie will ask questions about the photos that require a less, more, or exactly answer. The first to ring in with the correct answer moves on to the next round and their opponent is eliminated. Last houseguest standing wins HOH.

Big Brother All-Star HOH Comp

After many rounds going back and forth, Christmas won the HOH competition. Day should have won the game but choked on the last round.

The BB Basement was revealed where, for the first time ever, a competition will be played completely in the dark will and will award three new game-changing powers. Join us again on Sunday, September 6th 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for Christmas’ nominations to the block for eviction this week.

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