Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 9 Eviction Results & HoH Recap

Based on some last minute Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on Wednesday night, we were hoping who would be evicted this week might not be as predictable as we thought. Sadly, a plan to flip the vote fell apart quickly and it’s pretty clear which Houseguest will be the one who got evicted on Big Brother 2014 tonight.

Big Brother eviction results
Big Brother 2014 cast – Nicole & Donny

From what we saw on the Big Brother Live Feeds the past few days, it seemed possible that perhaps the tide might turn in Donny’s favor right before Thursday’s eviction. Frankie was suddenly all about keeping Donny instead of Nicole, and even Derrick relaxed on the idea that Donny absolutely had to go out this week. Unfortunately, Derrick did too good a job convincing Cody earlier in the week that Donny needed to be evicted and he wouldn’t budge.

Everything seemed set and then suddenly Frankie and Caleb managed to convince Cody (after much badgering) that perhaps it WOULD be a good idea to send Nicole packing instead of Donny. But they left Derrick out of the conversation and by the time he got involved, he was dead set against the idea and said he would not vote Nicole out, period.

So it looks like despite everything, Donny will be the one who was evicted on Big Brother tonight when the vote is over. Which frankly, in our opinion, should tell everyone the game is NOT rigged. It’s obvious from what’s been said on the Live Feeds that production HAS pushed about getting people to keep Donny over Nicole, but the Houseguests have made up their own minds to the contrary.

If Donny is indeed the one who is evicted on Big Brother tonight, the guys (+ Christine) better hope that Nicole does not win the Head of Household Competition. While it is unlikely considering that so far Nicole has not been great at comps, it could happen. If it does, then they are probably going to be regretting big time not sending her home instead of Donny.

Our live Big Brother recap of the week 5 eviction and HoH show starts below right now! Come hang out with us and find out what happens!

We kick off with host Julie Chen warning us that Team America is in danger tonight with Donny possibly being evicted. Then we have a brief recap of the events leading up to the eviction results and HoH show tonight. Oh, and this should be fun… Christine’s husband will be on the show to talk about how he feels regarding her ‘close’ relationship with Cody!

Donny and Nicole sit side by side on the chopping block with The Detonators still in power. If Nicole goes home, it would be a Big Brother first to go from HoH to evicted to return and then be evicted again. Now on to the show!

Nicole has been hearing that the target is Donny, but she feels like it could easily be switched to her. Donny thinks he is as strong as America would want him to be. Meanwhile, Cody says in Diary Room that Donny is a huge player in the house and he doesn’t know what he would do if he won HoH.

Making sure she is safe this week, Nicole talks to Derrick, who reassures her she is okay. In Diary Room, Derrick says he is hedging his bets to make sure Nicole doesn’t go after him if she wins HoH. However, he’s not sure if he is ready to send a Team America member out the door. Derrick tells Nicole that she has him, Victoria, and Christine for sure.

Nicole sucks up to Christine and makes all lovey dovey with her like they are still besties, although we know from the Big Brother Live Feeds that Nicole doesn’t trust her a bit. In Diary Room, Christine says she loves Nicole to death and she wouldn’t mind if she stays for a while. She says she knows for sure that she will be voting Donny out.

Frankie sees Christine and Nicole being all talky with each other and he says in Diary Room that he’s feeling suspicious and maybe not getting out Nicole is a bad decision he should rethink. If Nicole is going after Christine, he is pretty sure she would be after him.

In Diary Room, Nicole says Christine stabbed her in the back and she’s just thinking keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Frankie campaigns to Derrick about keeping Donny instead of Nicole. They laugh over Nicole being a b*tch and how everyone thinks Cody walks on water. Derrick says if they saved Donny, he would have no choice but to trust them. In Diary Room, Frankie says America had to have put Donny with him and Derrick on Team America for a reason. Plus, he knows Donny wouldn’t target him if he won HoH.

Frankie talks to Caleb and says he knows Nicole wants him out of the house. Caleb worries about who would go up with Frankie if Nicole won HoH. Frankie says it wouldn’t be Christine, it would be one of the guys.

Frankie gets a note telling him how they will find out if their Team America mission was successful. The note says that Julie will ask a member of Team America if they become a Have-Not, what special food would they request. They have to say apple pie. If the mission was successful, she will say the wish is granted. If it wasn’t, she will say the wish is denied.

Frankie says they put on a very entertaining show and he hopes America voted for them. He explains how the secret code will work to Donny and Derrick. Frankie thinks they will get the money. (On Live Feeds, Derrick and Donny pretty much said they don’t think so.)

Caleb talks to Derrick about who is more dangerous, Nicole or Donny. Caleb thinks Nicole is more of a threat in a Head of Household Competition and for what nominations she might make. Derrick tells Caleb that Christine will not flip, so the only way Donny stays is if him, Caleb, and Frankie all vote for him. Derrick says in Diary Room that they all need to talk it out.

Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie talk to Cody about who they should evict. Frankie is really adamant that Nicole should go first and argues with Cody that Donny should go home first. Cody says he is not flipping his vote and he wants Donny out. Frankie says he wants Nicole out. Derrick doesn’t want to make his opinion public and he will only say that he is torn about it.

And this is new… We will indeed have an endurance Head of Household Competition tonight and the viewers will actually get to participate. They can vote to tempt the Houseguests with “5,000 dollahs” and make the winner get “5,000 hollahs” of annoying callouts in the house for the rest of the season. Or they can tempt them with “5Gs” and make the winner wear the same “5Ts” of terrible t-shirts for the rest of the summer. Vote now on Twitter with #bbholla or #bbts

Julie asks Victoria how she is feeling after all the pain and nastiness of dealing with her wisdom teeth. Victoria says Big Brother took very good care of her and she is feeling much better.

Time to let Donny, Frankie, and Derrick know if their Team America mission was successful or not.  Julie announces that next week will be the last week of Have-Nots. She asks Frankie if he is a Have-Not, what food would he want? He says the code word of apple pie…

She says that is an “overwhelming no” — which means mission failed and no 5k for each of the Team America members. Should have gone with the save Donny mission idea instead!

Julie asks Cody what he misses the most from home. He says he misses messing with his dad on a regular basis. Time with his family. Host Julie Chen says to keep everyone motivated, here’s a little taste of home… and the Houseguests get video clips from their friends and family!

Caleb gets a video from his brother. Victoria gets one from her mom. Cody gets one from his dad and he just starts bawling. Nicole also tears up. Frankie gets one with his family, including his sister Ariana Grande, who says she watches the Live Feeds every night. Donny gets one from his dad, who says he is a “comic book superhero” around town. Christine’s video is from her husband Tim, who says he is proud of her and that he loves her and can’t wait to see her again. Derrick gets a video of his wife and baby and he can’t even.

Derrick tears up some more when Julie asks him how his daughter has changed since he has been away. He says she really got him now and says she wasn’t talking like that when he left.

Next up, we have Christine’s husband Tim saying what he did NOT say to Christine during his video clip! Tim and Christine’s mom are both pretty pissed about how she has been acting with Cody in the house. Tim says he thinks some boundaries have been crossed. Christine’s mom says she doesn’t like the flirting going on is not cool and she is not happy. She wants Christine away from Cody. Christine’s father and brother are not pleased about what’s been going on between them either.

Over on Cody’s parent’s side, they say that Cody is just very touchy-feely and flirty. Cody’s dad says they are Italian and they just touch people. Cody’s sister says maybe he should back off a little bit though, even if it is a strategy. Cody’s dad, however, says it’s all strategy and you do what you have to do to win.

Christine’s husband loved the Zingbot Zing and says he will support Christine at the finale. He’s going to be having a talk with her after though. He jokes that he is going to give Cody a big close hug to see what the fuss is all about.

Now it’s time for the live vote!

Big Brother 2014 Week 9 Votes:

  • Christine votes to evict: Donny
  • Victoria votes to evict: Donny
  • Frankie votes to evict: Donny
  • [Donny has been evicted]
  • Caleb votes to evict: Donny
  • Derrick votes to evict: Donny

With a unanimous vote, Donny has been evicted and will go to Jury. Keeping it classy, Donny gives big hugs and smiles to everyone and says he loves everyone before he leaves. Very loud cheers for Donny as he meets Julie Chen for his exit interview. Donny has tears flowing down his face and says he is emotional because his feelings were hurt with all kinds of emotions going through his mind and his heart.

Donny says it was no one in particular hurt him, but he feels a little let down by Team America. America voted them as a team and they broke that. He doesn’t blame them though because it is a game. Donny says that he knew coming in at his age and with what he looked like, he would be different. He thought if he made it past the first week, he would make friends.

Seven times on the block and then evicted though, Julie says. He says he doesn’t know why he was such a big target. Maybe he was too likeable and it is not good to be liked so much. Julie talks about how Donny went to sleep every night and didn’t stay up to strategize. Donny says he would have nothing in common with them to talk about at those hours. He would rather get his sleep and be fresh for competitions.

Julie says he has been accused of being a doctor, a teacher, a ninja, ex-military and more. For the record, Donny Thompson is a simple man and he was a groundskeeper. He prays that he will be able to get his job back.

In the goodbye messages, Christine says Donny is one of the most intelligent men she has ever met and one of the sneakiest. She says she has been trying to get him out since week two. Caleb says his alliance has been trying and trying to get him out and they had to get him out or he probably would have won. Frankie says he is 100 percent Team America but he had to worry about his own game. Derrick says he tried to swing the vote but it just didn’t work.

Host Julie Chen tells Donny that The Bold and the Beautiful has contacted them and they want Donny to star on the show! He’s like, what! How very cool for Donny!

Big Brother 2014 Week 9 Head of Household Comp:

Time for the Head of Household competition, called Sloppy the Snowman. The Houseguests have to fill up a scoop of water and and run down a slick track to fill a snowman head with the water. The first person to fill it up enough to get a lump of coal out of the snowman wins. However, they can also choose to fill up a smaller snowman head and win 5,000 dollars prize and 5,000 hollas punishment.

The track is wet and very slippery. Victoria is immediately very far behind but Caleb seems to have established a pretty good method. This is going to take forever and it won’t be finished by the end of the show. Julie Chen says the rest of the competition will be shown on Sunday. And then one week from tonight, it will be another epic Double Eviction show.

Before the show closes, as the Houseguests are competing (and Victoria is falling), Frankie shouts out to buy one of his everything on iTunes! Never misses an opportunity to self-promote, does he?

Tune in to the Big Brother Live Feeds now to watch the rest of the competition! Or wait for us to bring you the spoilers after the competition is done right here on

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