Interview: Production Designer Scott Storey On Big Brother 16 Design

Scott Storey is the Production Designer for Big Brother on CBS and is the man behind the BB house each summer. (Read Scott’s bio here.) Now he’s working along with Overstock to promote series of “Big Brother inspired” items that look like they could belong right in the BB16 house.

Big Brother 16 Tree House design
Big Brother 16 Tree House design (CBS)

To get an idea of how that house design came together this season we got to ask Scott a few questions about that nature look and feel on Big Brother 16. Here’s what he had to say.

Big Brother Access: What drew you to this season’s treehouse and nature theme?

Scott Storey: This year we went with Urban Tree House. It has been a concept that I have had in the back of my mind for a couple of seasons. There has a been a lot of coverage of nature lately (global warming, the drought and such). The network also requested that I make the house more “playful” this season. The feeling was that last season was a bit too nice and up-tight.

Big Brother Access: What was the hardest part of this season’s house design to take from the drawing board to installation?

Scott Storey: The toughest part of the house to realize this season might have been the big tree-sculpture in the living room. It is over 20’ tall and is supported in part by the grid at the top of the studio (remember, this isn’t a real house, it’s a set on a sound stage). The “branch wall” was touch as well. It is the wooden “branches” that spread out over the entire house. All had to built in place.

Big Brother Access: Thanks, Scott!

Scott had a question of his own for all of us too. He wants to know “I am curious-which house do the fans like the most?” So, what do you all think? Share your thoughts below!

Want to find out who picks the designs and how that terrifying Have-Not Room comes together each season? Check out another of Scott’s interviews over at

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