Big Brother 2014: Week 5 Power of Veto Show [VIDEO]

From the Big Brother spoilers we’ve seen on the Live Feeds, we have another emotional Power of Veto show ahead of us on Wednesday night. This time, it’s all about Caleb and Amber, but the real culprits behind the drama are the members of Team America with Zach as their willing pawn.

Big Brother 2014 (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 (CBS)

Watching the lead up to and aftermath of the Power of Veto Competition and PoV Meeting the past few days on the Big Brother Live Feeds was a blast. At this point in the competition, virtually no one trusts anyone else in the house. Even close allies are at each other’s throats and slamming each other behind closed doors. And what happened at the Power of Veto Meeting this week just added a whole new level of chaos and paranoia to the Big Brother 2014 cast’s struggles.

On Big Brother 16 tonight, we’ll find out who won the Power of Veto and how that will affect the big plans inside the house this week to evict one of the most prominent players. Then we’ll head in to the Power of Veto Meeting and watch a whole new round of crazy as one of the Houseguests goes on the attack and gets the whole house riled up. Behind it all, Team America desperately tries to complete their next secret mission.

If you just can’t wait to find out the Big Brother spoilers before Wednesday night’s show, you can get the week 5 Power of Veto results here, and find out what happened at the PoV Ceremony over here. We’d also love to know if you think it’s fair that CBS may have changed the rules for Team America’s secret mission this week in order to help them complete the task.

Join us tonight for our live Big Brother 2014 recap of Wednesday night’s Power of Veto show right here on Big Brother Access!


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