Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 9 Head Of Household Results (09/02/21)

We have our second major Big Brother 23 endurance competition of the season. It’s basically the Cookout vs Alyssa Lopez. As per winning the final Big Brother 23 High Roller’s Room power, the Coin of Destiny, Claire Rehfuss must throw this week’s Head of Household competition. That means Alyssa is the only non-Cookout member who will be competing for this week’s HOH. However, don’t count Alyssa out.


She almost won the last major Big Brother 23 endurance competition. If it’s some sort of weight distribution endurance competition, Alyssa has a really good chance of winning. It’ll be interesting to see who takes this week’s endurance HOH win, but it’s getting down to the wire, so every move counts. Once we have a new Head of Household, they have to make sure they make the right nominees to ensure that it furthers their game.

Claire is probably the player most in danger this week. She herself can’t win the Head of Household, so her best bet is for Tiffany to win it. Then Tiffany can take a shot at Alyssa. However, it’s probably best for Tiffany not to win the Head of Household, so that another member of the Cookout, or even Alyssa, could make a move against Claire.

It is the usual Big Brother 23 spinning competition, where houseguests have to stay on a spinning disc while being hit up against a few things. Before the episode ended, Derek F and Alyssa were already out.

So who won this week’s Head of Household Competition?



Tiffany is the new Head of Household!

It came down to Tiffany and Kyland, but Kyland slipped up and Tiffany won. Making her HOH back-to-back.

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