Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 9 Block Nominations (09/03/21)

Well, we have a bit of a repeat this Big Brother 23 week. Tiffany Mitchell is once again Head of Household after being dethroned by Claire Rehfuss last week. However, unlike last week, Sarah Beth Steagall isn’t a big juicy target for her. She will have to go after one of the non-Cookout members left in the game. One of those members is her close ally Claire, and the other is Xavier Prather’s number two, Alyssa Lopez.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

Clearly, Tiffany plans to nominate Alyssa and Xavier this week. However, if Alyssa wins this week’s OTEV Veto, then things get very tricky for her. Tiffany will have to decide whether to take out Claire or a member of the Cookout. She already told Xavier that she would take out Claire, but we’re not completely convinced that that’s what Tiffany would do.

This is the first week where there is no twist–at least until Thursday when we get the first of two back-to-back Big Brother 23 double evictions. This means Alyssa has less of a chance to save herself this week, and she really needs the Veto to keep her game going. Today, things should go as planned with nominations, but tomorrow, who knows what could happen with the Veto.

So who did Tiffany nominate for eviction this week? Read below to find out!



Tiffany nominated Xavier and Alyssa for eviction. 


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