Big Brother 23 Eviction Predictions: Bye, Bye Bye Sarah Beth?

We are down to the single digits of Big Brother 23 players, and only two more evictions to get to a Big Brother 23 Cookout final six. However, Kyland Young has been making it hard for that outcome. He’s been doing everything he can to make sure that Sarah Beth Steagall survives this week, but they’re both on the block together, which means Sarah Beth’s game is pretty much sealed. She will be going to the Big Brother 23 jury this week. 

Sarah Beth and Kyland on the block Big Brother 23 Week 8

Sarah Beth has tried to save her Big Brother 23 game, but the Cookout plans to stay loyal as much as they can. They have two more major evictions to see if their final six dreams come true.  This may be harder than anticipated because Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez could easily win the Head of Household and/or Veto and change up their fates.

The two women could also figure out that they need to ban together or they will be next. We also have a possible triple eviction, that will crush that final six dreams, possibly coming up in the next few weeks. 

This week shouldn’t see much deviation from the goal. Sarah Beth will become the third member of the Big Brother 23 jury and business will continue as usual. Sarah Beth will also likely not be a happy camper because others have lied to her and told her that Kyland is the target. Derek Xiao will probably be happy to see Sarah Beth join him in the jury house though. 

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