Big Brother 2014: Season 16 Premiere Commercial! [VIDEO]

The Big Brother 2014 premiere is so close we can almost taste it! Although, if you consider how gross some of the Big Brother cast members usually are, that sounds kind of disgusting. Anyway, we are still deliriously happy about the Big Brother 16 premiere being just over a month away!

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Big Brother 2014 Premiere

Thus, we are delighted to bring you the first true, official Big Brother 16 commercial video of the season from CBS. As usual, of course, we don’t actually get any sneak peek details about the new Big Brother 2014 cast or this year’s theme yet, but it’s still awesome that CBS finally has the ball rolling for the new season!

No obvious Big Brother spoilers in this first commercial video for season 16 unfortunately. However, we did get plenty of reminder clips about why we love Big Brother so very much, year after year.

If there is any sneaky clue at all about the new season hidden in there, our only guess would be that if there is any kind of ‘veterans’ twist this year, it will NOT involve anyone you see in this video! But it might involve some popular recent players who are conspicuously absent.

Test out your own Big Brother spoilers conspiracy theories by checking out all the photos from the commercial below and see if anything interesting pops into your head!

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