Big Brother 23 Episode 24 Recap: Will The POV Save SB’s Game?

This is the eighth week inside the Big Brother 23 house, and the current Head of Household is a secret. Tiffany Mitchell originally won the powers for the week, but she had them stripped away with the Coin of Destiny, the final part of the High Roller’s Room twist. Before losing her power, she nominated Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland Young to the block. Xavier Prather is a third nominee thanks to a BB punishment.

Big Brother 23 Claire

Claire Rehfuss won the Coin of Destiny after the Cookout alliance threw her the competition. They knew she would keep Tiffany’s nominations the same this week which is exactly what they were looking to achieve. Kyland was a volunteer pawn this week while his ride-or-die, SB, was the target for eviction. Can SB save her game with a POV win?

Week 8 Second Head of Household

Tiffany assumed that Claire won the Coin of Destiny because her nominations were kept the same. Claire is one of Tiffany’s closest allies in the Big Brother house, outside of the Cookout alliance.

SB is completely unaware of the Cookout’s plan to put her and Kyland on the block this week. Kyland knew SB was going up and volunteered to go up with her.

Tiffany doesn’t want anyone to know that Claire is the secret HOH. Tiffany wants everyone to think she won the Coin of Destiny and just kept her nominations the same. Claire is uncertain as to whether or not this is the best plan for her Big Brother game.

Week 8 Power of Veto Competition

Alyssa Lopez, Hannah Chaddha, Claire, Xavier, Kyland, and SB will be competing in this week’s POV.

This competition is called BB High School Hijinx. The players must arrange 10 photographs of evicted houseguests in chronological order based on clues given in each photo. Once they think they have the correct order, they must hit their buzzer.


If correct, they are finished. If they are not correct, they must continue. The Big Brother houseguest to arrange all the photos in the fastest time will win the golden POV and a special screening of the upcoming movie called Dear Evan Hansen.

After all 7 houseguests completed the competition, and their times were posted. They were as follows:

Kyland         5:25
Claire           6:27
Alyssa          8:14
Hannah        4:59
Xavier          8:29
SB                5:22

Hannah won the Big Brother golden POV and the screening for Dear Evan Hansen. Hannah is a member of the Cookout alliance, so the nominations should stay the same. She may use it to take Xavier off the block, but that will not impact targeting SB for eviction this week.

SB completely broke down in Kyland’s arm about not winning the POV. She can see the writing on the wall about going to the jury house this week. However, she can’t see that her best buddy is in an alliance orchestrating all of this inside the Big Brother 23 house.

Kyland approached Claire and asked her that the POV be used to take him off the block. She told him to go and talk to Hannah because she didn’t have any control over that. She was not willing to admit she was the secret HOH this week.

Tiffany got wind that Kyland was trying to get himself removed from the block, and she was not so happy. She ranted to the cameras that Kyland needed to STFU and sit down on the block next to SB where he belonged. She reminded everyone that he was the one that asked to go on the block with his BFF. Now he needs to deal with that decision.

Kyland asked Hannah to use the POV on him. This confused her because the plan all along was to use it on X. He wants to come off the block so he can throw SB a sympathy vote on eviction night and make her feel better. Hannah isn’t buying this for a Big Brother minute. She thinks he may want to come off the block to try and flip the vote to save SB from eviction.

Week 8 Power of Veto Meeting

At the Veto meeting, Hannah decided to use her POV and save Xavier from the block. Because he was placed on the block as a punishment, there will be no replacement nominee. The final block nominees this week are SB and Kyland. One of the two will be evicted tomorrow evening and sent to the Big Brother jury house.

Join us tomorrow night, Thursday, September 2 at 8/7c for the live eviction vote and endurance HOH competition.

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