Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Tuesday Live Feeds Report – 7/29/2014

We’ve had a crazy couple of days of fun Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. The tension and drama just kept building in the week hours of Tuesday morning as the fallout from the Veto Ceremony continued. If we have any complaint at all from watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, it would be that a little too much of the drama going on has to do with Caleb and Amber. We’re getting a bit tired of their s**t.

Big Brother 16 Cast - Caleb & Amber (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Cast – Caleb & Amber (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

We left off in our last Big Brother Live Feeds report late on Monday night with Caleb campaigning to save Amber, who he helped put on the block. Meanwhile, the guys are trying desperately to convince Caleb this is a bad idea because his obsession with Amber is ruining his game and she does not like him like that really dude.

12:20 AM – For some reason Victoria decides now to get upset over the fact that there are cameras covering just about every square inch of the Big Brother 16 house. Because that means people have been watching her change clothes. Apparently she thought the cameras weren’t on in the bedrooms when nothing was going on in there except her stripping off her clothes. Derrick tells her just to do it under the covers like other shy people. (Unlike Frankie, who just strips naked wherever he is because he doesn’t give a damn.)

12:55 AM – Frankie tells Zach that even though Caleb thinks Amber has enough votes to stay, he keeps saying he will vote her out if that is what the house wants. They examine the Memory Wall through the HoH monitor and Frankie says his boot list is Amber, Caleb, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Cody, Derrick, and Christine.

1:00 AM – Nicole, Zach, Hayden, Victoria, and Caleb talk about random stuff in the backyard. Caleb leaves. More random talk and then Zach tells Victoria there is no way in hell she will win Head of Household. Nicole tells Zach not to be mean. Zach jokes that he is going to put up Victoria for the 4th time in a row. Victoria leaves and Zach grins and says he loves doing that s**t. Nicole tells him he is an a**hole and a bully. She says she is going to go check on Victoria. Zach asks her what it’s like to be a floater as she leaves.

1:15 AM – Caleb tells Amber that everyone says they are voting for her to stay. He says to make sure Zach doesn’t think he is a target for her. Amber says if she won HoH she would put up Donny but her plan would be to backdoor Zach. Amber tells Caleb she is worried he is pumping her for information. Caleb says he wouldn’t do that and that everyone wants Zach out. Amber asks him if people are maybe just telling him what he wants to hear but Caleb denies that could possibly be true.

1:45 AM – Amber is full on blaming Caleb for what happened at the Power of Veto Meeting and her going up on the block as the replacement nominee. She is pissed and he is totally wallowing in regret over it because he still thinks the whole thing was his own idea to put her up. (When it was really the guys manipulating him into doing it.) Amber wants to know if Caleb hit her in the head with a pillow. At first he kind of denies it and then confesses it was him.

2:10 AM – Nicole says if Victoria knows she likes Hayden then she shouldn’t sleep in the bed with him. Hayden tells Nicole he is definitely not interested in Victoria. He says that Victoria is just a vote for them. They cuddle for a bit before Nicole goes off to the Have-Not room.

3:15 AM – Amber says she doesn’t get why they guys trust Zach over her. Caleb says if he wins HoH he will put Zach up first. Amber blames him for her going on the block. Caleb says it was Frankie, not him (even though he believes he was responsible for it). Amber says he is lying to her and he wants to talk to all the guys at the same time and see who she thinks is lying. Caleb says not to do that. Caleb says he controls six votes in the house.

Amber tells Caleb that the other guys have probably formed an alliance behind his back to work against him. Caleb denies this could be possible because he owns the alliance, he is control damnit! So Amber says, well, that means it was all his idea and all his fault that she is on the block. Caleb says she is not going home and that if he did he would be heartbroken and he would send her all the money he made in Jury if she did. They keep talking for quite a while but it’s just the same stuff over and over.


10:25 AM – The Houseguests wake-up call has gone out and some of them are starting to crawl around. They are locked down inside and some of them wonder if there will be a luxury competition. But then the indoor lockdown is lifted and nothing happens.

12:10 PM – Amber tells Christine that her going up on the block was supposedly a test to see if she was loyal or if she would blow up the alliance. Christine says they shouldn’t have to put her on the block to test her loyalty. They are supposed to protect each other and not put each other up.

12:30 PM – Caleb doesn’t think Amber is going to go home at this point because everyone is lying to him about their votes. He tells Christine he is happy that Amber will not get evicted because he would feel like it is his fault. He says he is going to try to make nice with Victoria and that he is the reason she is off the block. (Well, not really. Caleb thinks Hayden used the Veto because he told him to, which is not true, and he was supposed to take Jocata off the block, not Victoria.) Caleb says he cried when he had to record a goodbye message for Amber and felt like a big baby. He says he feels like Frankie is trying to set Amber up. He feels like something is not right, especially with Frankie.

12:25 PM – Christine says to Victoria that it is all about “operation Brittany” right now. Which means that they all need to keep making Amber feel like she is safe when she’s actually going to be evicted.

12:35 PM – Amber also pretty much believes she has the votes to stay. She and Nicole talk about how the guys are picking off all the girls and a girl has to win HoH. Amber says she won’t put Nicole up on the block if she wins.

12:45 PM – Caleb tells Christine that Frankie is scared of him after he confronted him yesterday and left him literally shaking.

12:50 PM – Nicole, Christine, and Victoria chat in the backyard. Frankie gets his Head of Household camera and goes around taking pictures.

1:05 PM – Caleb tells Frankie that he was crying while recording his goodbye message to Amber. Then Caleb talks to Victoria, who tells him that she doesn’t know what she is going to do with her vote yet.

1:15 PM – Derrick apologizes to Frankie for using the word gay in a negative connotation last night. (I believe it was while they were playing pool and he called a bad shot a “gay shot” or something.) Frankie says he knows Derrick didn’t mean it. Derick says he is not going to use that word like that any more and he knows Frankie doesn’t care but he wanted to say it anyway.

1:30 PM – Another brief indoor lockdown but nothing comes of it. Frankie says his HoH Twitter questions were: How hard has it been without your family? What would it mean to you to win? What outfit has been your favorite to wear?

2:20 PM – Donny points out new cables strung in the backyard. (Possibly endurance competition on Thursday.) Victoria tells Hayden that Caleb thinks she is clueless. Hayden says it is great that all the blame is on Caleb for Amber going up on the block and he is going to be the only one to vote for her to stay. Victoria and Hayden talk about Nicole thinking that she is flirting with him. Victoria says he only trusts Hayden and Derrick and that she isn’t trying to make Nicole mad by hanging out with him and talking.

2:55 PM – Now we have an outside lockdown for a bit.

3:15 PM – Caleb tells Zach that Frankie must have just misunderstood all that about Amber blowing up the alliance and trying to work an all girl’s alliance. Caleb is pretty much acting like Amber’s little b**ch right now.

3:25 PM – Caleb, Zach, and Derrick talk about the possibility of an upcoming double eviction. Zach says he would put Victoria and Jocasta on the block. (Foot in mouth Zach!) Derrick reminds Zach pointedly that Amber will be going home this week (and STFU Zach in front of Caleb!). Caleb wants to put up Victoria and Donny and have Donny be the target.

Briefly alone, Derrick and Zach talk about whether they should tell Caleb that Amber is going home. They don’t want him to come after them for blindsiding him with Amber’s eviction. Now back with Caleb, Zach once again slips up and talks about Jocasta going up on the block next week. (Seriously dude!)

3:53 PM – After doing a bit of tearing up, Caleb talks about how he is like the best, most awesome guy in his town. He says he is the biggest celebrity in his town even without Big Brother. He says he’s been on The Voice, and he and his brothers are the talk of the town. They are the best looking kids in the whole area and they are doing so well. They’ve just got so much going on.

4:15 PM – Hayden tells Cody that he wants them to tell Caleb that Amber is going to be evicted. They talk game for a bit. Hayden says some people think Christine is kind of untrustworthy, including Nicole. Cody says that might be true but he is more worried about Frankie. He thinks he is the biggest threat and talks about how Frankie wants to keep Zach in the house because Zach makes a better target than he does. Derrick comes in and they talk about how Christine talks way too much and she’s dangerous.

4:40 PM – Christine, Frankie, and Zach talk about telling Caleb that Amber is going to go home this week. They agree that if they do, they should wait until the last minute to avoid drama. Frankie still thinks a total blindside would be better.

5:05 PM – Cody says that Frankie is trying to make an alliance with Zach, Hayden, Nicole, and Christine. Derrick says that they really don’t want Caleb out because they can use him and he will go after Zach and Frankie.

5:20 PM – Caleb is going around in circles. Once again he gets into a word battle with Amber and she walks out on him again. Then he goes after Nicole to make her tell him again what Amber said about going on a date with him, and if she talked about making an all girl’s alliance. Nicole is once again pissed at getting pulled into the middle between the two of them. Caleb is back to wondering if Frankie is just making up a bunch of stuff about Amber and lying to him.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers report!

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