Yesterday in the Big Brother 21 house, the house started to flip in Kemi Fakunle’a favor. All week, Jack Matthews has tried to remain calm and cool about evicting her or Jessica Milagros. He often stated that he didn’t care who left, because both women would target him, he was more about what was best for Gr8ful. However, Jack clearly knew that Kemi was a bigger threat to his game. She was slightly better at competitions than Jess, had a lot more game fire, and could potentially create an opposition against him and his allies.

Kemi and Jess on the block-2

Gr8ful were all too happy to get Kemi out of the game, except that’s what it seemed. Isabella Wang has had Kemi as an ally most of the game, but their relationship started to strain when Bella continued to say too much. However, Bella still saw Kemi as a possible loyal ally, especially compared to Jess, who was now actively trying to ruin Bella’s game because of the whole Black Widows thing.

Bella tried to turn the tides a bit on her side by telling a few players about Gr8ful, like Sam Smith. Realizing that he was on the bottom of the powerful eight, he decided to kick it into gear and try to get the numbers more in his favor. He wasn’t going for ninth place finisher. He tried to flip the votes to save Kemi, because he knew he could use her as a weapon against Jack.

If Jack was out of the game, Gr8ful might implode faster and he could reshuffle the house more in his favor. He could also start a whole new alliance to go against the remaining people between Holly Allen, Analyse Talavera, and Jackson Michie. He believed that he could get Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco on his side to vote out Jess. He didn’t realize how loyal Christie and Tommy were to the eight, and Nick Maccarone as well.

It was an exciting couple hours, but Gr8ful squashed the save Kemi talk. Now we expect an unanimous vote to evict Kemi and keep Jess, or a 5 to 6 vote in Jess’s favor.

The only way things could change is if Nicole Anthony and Kemi can do something to flip the house again in Kemi’s favor. It would take a lot of last minute game play and a miracle but stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house.

Who do you think will get voted out and join Camp Comeback tonight on Big Brother 21?

Join us again later tonight for a full recap of all the Big Brother 21 Live Eviction results.

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