Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 21: Listening to Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes exposing Cliff Hogg III and other’s games was the big headline for yesterday’s Big Brother 21 Live Feeds. Most mornings, Cliff starts his day by talking to the Big Brother 21 Live Feed watchers and his family. He tells us (and them) how he sees the game, his plans going forward, etc. Cliff has basically been doing this since the feeds started last week. Most of the Big Brother 21 houseguests sleep in until they get their wake up call, so his private talks haven’t been a problem for him…that all changed yesterday morning.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 21-2

A few of the Big Brother 21 houseguests ended up waking early, due to Diary Room sessions and what not. Christie Murphy was one of those houseguests. On her way to the bathroom, she decided to stick her ear to the door. She listened to a lot of Cliff’s private conversation with the feed watchers, and found out a lot about his game.

Cliff mentioned that he knew there was three couples in the house, and he now saw Tommy Bracco and Christie as the fourth couple. He also mentioned forming an alliance with Ovi Kabir and Nicole Anthony called The Fellowship of the Ziing. He mentioned maybe trying to work with Nick Maccarone in the future, especially if Isabella Wang leaves. Christie was excited to take this information back to Gr8ful. Once Tommy, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen heard Christie’s news, Holly mentioned that Nicole told her that Nick brought up her name as someone to target.

This combined with the Cliff info, the Bella incident from Monday, and the info Holly received from Nicole made Gr8ful want Bella and Nick out even more. They started to think of a ways to keep the majority voting numbers without Bella and Nick around. They also decided it was best to not make any moves against the couple until after Camp Comeback. Meanwhile, Kemi Fakunle was still upset, as well, with how Bella told Jackson about their conversation. She also wanted to point the finger at Bella and expose her a player trying to play all sides.

Bella continued her spilling too much info ways by telling Sam Smith about the Gr8ful alliance. It’s official, don’t tell Bella anything in the Big Brother 21 game. Sam and Bella discussed what to do with this information, like forming their own alliance, whether they should save Kemi, and whether to the Nick that Sam knows.

Eventually, Christie told an edited version of Cliff Notes to Bella and Nick. This made them want to target and evict Nicole for possibly having the week 1 Whacktivity power, and because she would target them because of her alliance with Cliff.

Jessica Milagros and Kemi talked about the weird air between them since they’re both on the block, and Jess once again denied forming the Black Widows. They seemed to get to a better place and understanding between them. Nicole also tried to start her own version of Cliff Notes by talking to the feed watchers about her game and impressions of everyone.

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