Big Brother 25 Finale Date Confirmed

Big Brother 24-Julie ChenCongrats, you survived a few summer months without Big Brother. You can now prepare for madness because Big Brother 25 kicks off in less than a week. The premiere episode should be full of tributes to past seasons, exciting new houseguests, and plenty of twists.  Now, we officially know when Big Brother 2023 will end. We reported the suspected finale date way back in May, and now we see that it will end on November 9, taking us to a 100-day season.

Yes friends, we’re in for a really long season. Hopefully, this season will be full of great gameplay as well as plenty of fun. The Big Brother 5 finale date was originally reported by Big Brother Gossip. Entertainment reporter Sharon Tharp confirmed the date (via CBS) on Twitter in July.


Tharp also confirmed that there will be 16 new houseguests for Big Brother 25. This should end any returnee rumors, but it’s always a possibility, especially with a long season.

The 100-day season is not a shock because with the writers’ and actors’ strikes happening right now, there will be a major lack of original network programming for the fall 2023 TV lineup. Big Brother 25 may end up being one of the most popular shows with so much of the usual programming missing.

There are definitely drawbacks to having Big Brother 25 go into the fall season, one drawback is that it may interfere with your usual fall routine. One positive is that we may get some Halloween-themed activities. Therefore, it’s really going to be an interesting season.

Are you excited to spend 100 days with the Big Brother 25 houseguests?

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