Big Brother 25: Every Major News From The Preseason

Frankie Grande, Danielle Reyes, and Brittany Haynes for Big Brother 25

A lot of Big Brother news came out during the final weekend before Big Brother 25 starts. Even more news has slowly been unveiled throughout Big Brother‘s preseason. With the season beginning in a few days, we wanted to give you a summary of all the important things to know before Big Brother 25 starts.  

It’s going to be an exciting season full of Big Brother celebrations and maybe even new historical moments. It’s an exciting year to watch Big Brother. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay up to date with all the latest important Big Brother 25 news.

Let’s dive into some of it. 

Brittany Haynes, Danielle Reyes, and Frankie Grande Break Into The Big Brother House

In July, CBS released a small teaser video for the season. In it, former Big Brother players Brittany Haynes, Danielle Reyes, and Frankie Grande “break in” to the Big Brother house to try to turn back time to replay their seasons. They want to try to win this time.  However, things go horribly wrong and unleash something on the Big Brother house and the Big Brother 25 game. 

Most likely this means that major elements from previous seasons will appear in this one. 

More BB25 House Images Are Revealed

CBS’s official video also showed more images of the new Big Brother 25 house design. It looks like the house will pay homage to past season house designs by combining elements from other seasons in different rooms. We already saw some of the camp-themed rooms, and now we’ve seen more comic elements.

It’s truly a mixture of different house aesthetics. 

Click the images to get a closer look at the Big Brother 25 house design.

Big Brother Past Competitions Will Return

This isn’t necessarily news because there are certain competitions that happen every year, but host Julie Chen-Moonves mentioned on The Exclusive with Sharon Tharp that we’ll definitely see some classics returns this year. However, she didn’t go into too much detail. She also mentioned competitions that we have come to expect, like the Slip N Slide one.

There Will Be 16 New Houseguests Who Aren’t Stereotypical Houseguests

In an Entertainment Tonight clip and on The Exclusive with Sharon Tharp, Julie teased that the new houseguests will be like none we’ve ever seen on Big Brother. She also said that they’re not like you’d expect them. They don’t nicely fit into certain boxes.

It has also been heavily teased this week that the houseguests will be revealed on Monday afternoon, so stay tuned for that announcement. 

The Big Brother 25 Season Will Last 100 Days

Back in May, it was speculated that Big Brother 25 will end in November, but it was confirmed in August that the Big Brother 25 finale will be on November 9. This takes to a record 100-days season. 

The Big Brother Episode Schedule Changes in The Fall

For the summer season, Big Brother 25 will air weekly on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. However, sometime in the fall, Wednesday episodes will shift to Tuesday, and Sunday episodes will air later. You can find the full breakdown of the new schedule on this site. 

Big Brother 24 Logo

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