Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Week 3 Nominations (02/08/22)

The moment Miesha Tate took the Head of Household crown, Cynthia Bailey and Carson Kreesley were not in a good position in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 game. Miesha made attempts last week to get HOH Chris Kirkpatrick to nominate Carson, but he wanted to play the middle and get some goodwill with Cynthia and Carson by not taking the shot that Todrick Hall and Miesha wanted to take so badly. Things aren’t looking good for Carson if he doesn’t pull out another Power of Veto victory.  This Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season could quickly become one-sided if Carson and Cynthia don’t find a way to stay in the game.

Big Brother Nominations

The “Athletes Alliance” could easily dominate Celebrity Big Brother 2022, especially the Miesha and Todrick power duo. All eyes will be on the upcoming Power of Veto competition to see if Cynthia or Carson can save their alliance and the only two people that are really willing to make a move against Todrick and Miesha.

Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna Moakler have spoken about making a big move against them, but when they had a chance during Monday’s Celebrity Big Brother episode, they decided to make the safe move. This move benefited them at the moment because if they took out Todrick, Shanna would have likely still won HOH and took out Chris Kirkpatrick or Shanna next. 

So during this week’s Celebrity Big Brother 2022 nomination ceremony, Miesha stuck to her plan to take out Carson or Cynthia.

Miesha nominated Carson and Cynthia for eviction.

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