Who Won Big Brother 25? (11/9/23)

The winner will finally be crowned after 100 days inside the Big Brother 25 house. The remaining three houseguests are Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, and Bowie Jane. Tonight, the three-round final Head of Household competition will determine who decides the houseguest sitting next to them for the jury to vote on the $750,000 winner.

Big Brother 25 Final Three

Jag has the most comp wins, gaining two HOH titles and a record-breaking seven Power of Veto wins. Matt has just one HOH title and two POVs, but he saved Jag’s game earlier in the season with the Power of Invincibility. Bowie Jane has three HOH titles under her belt. This should be an exciting finale. Let’s get to it!

Big Brother 25 Final HOH Round One

All four Big Brother “verses” have collided for the final HOH competition, resulting in the comp name When Universes Collide.” This is how the competition will work. Each houseguest will sit on their BB Comic-Verse bubble. On go, they will be repeatedly raised and slammed into the Scary-Verse haunted house while being dunked into scrambled eggs from the Scramble-Verse. The Humili-Verse will also throw extra messy stuff their way during the competition.

This is typically an endurance competition that requires concentration and physical strength. After being dunked in the eggs from the Scramble-Verse, the final three are covered with hair. After the hair, the trio is dealing with an ice-cold downpour. This competition is not holding back.

Bowie Jane was the first to fall after one hour and 24 minutes. Only Matt and Jag are left. After suffering even longer, Matt and Jag decide to play a game of rock, paper, and scissors for the win after nearly three hours. Matt won and is the round-one HOH winner. He will automatically advance to the final round.

Dr. Will Kirby Visits the Big Brother 25 House

Before they start talking about the final three, Felicia Cannon entered as the fourth evicted houseguest. Many jury members agree that Bowie Jane should have been on the block. They all agree she was a floater. America Lopez made a point of saying that floating is a Big Brother strategy. Although Bowie had HOH wins, she was never in control of the house.

The jury agreed that Jag played a good game and controlled much of Big Brother. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing the BB25 winner.

Big Brother 25 Will Kirby

Matt deserves applause for overcoming the whisper aspect of the Big Brother game. So much of the game relies on quiet conversations between houseguests, and he did not let that stop him from succeeding throughout the season.

Big Brother 25 Final HOH Round Two

This competition is between Bowie and Jag. They must use a zipline, grab two plates at a time, and return them to their portals. They must place each plate with a competition title in the correct universe. The first one to place all the competition plates correctly wins the second HOH competition and advances to face Matt in round three.

There are 38 plates with competition names the houseguests must place in the correct universe and time order. This is one heck of a competition and not for the meek.

Jag and Bowie Jane feel they did not perform up to their standards. In the end, Jag won the competition with a time of one hour and three minutes. Bowie Jane finished in one hour and thirty minutes. Jag and Matt will meet in the final round of the HOH competition this evening.

Big Brother 25 Final HOH Round Three

Matt and Jag are facing off in the final round of the last HOH competition. The final HOH winner will choose which remaining houseguest they want to sit next to them when the jury decides the winner of Big Brother 25.

This competition is called Jury Verse, and this is how it works. This competition is about how well the players know the evicted houseguests now sitting on the jury. The players will be shown videos where the evicted houseguests will make three statements about themselves.

Big Brother 25 HOH

After watching the videos, the players must decide which false statements are. For each correct answer, they will receive one point. The houseguest with the most points after six videos will become the final HOH of the season. Let’s begin.

The results are as follows:

Question 1: Each received one point
Question 2: Each received one point
Question 3: Each received one point
Question 4: Each received one point
Question 5: Each received one point
Question 6: Both players answered incorrectly

The tie-breaker question to determine the final HOH is in play. This will be a numerical question. The person coming closest without going over will be the final HOH. Jag answered 163 minutes, while Matt answered 140 minutes. Jag won the final HOH winner. He must decide who to evict and who to sit next to for the jury and live eviction. Jag has a final two alliance with Bowie Jane and Matt. Who will he remain loyal to in the end?

Matt and Bowie gave Jag their last pitch speech. Jag decided to take Matt with him to the final two and evict Bowie Jane. She said her goodbyes to her mates and spoke with host Julie Chen Moonves.

Big Brother 25

During her exit interview with Julie, Bowie said she was proud of Jag and his final decision. She understood why he needed to pick Matt for the final two. Jag and Matt have been working together since the beginning of the game, even before she was paired with Jag. Bowie Jane is a class act.

Big Brother 25 Jury Introductions & Live Vote

The final Big Brother 25 jury has been established and is Bowie Jane, Felicia Cannon, Cirie Fields, America Lopex, Cameron Hardin, Cory Wurtenburger, and Blue Kim. They are allowed to ask the final two houseguests three questions before they cast their vote for the winner.

Big Brother 25 Jury

Both Jag and Matt fought through the jury’s questions. The jurors did not take it easy on the final two houseguests. Matt stumbled through his questions and seemed very nervous when answering them. Jag was smoother with his answers and also more confident. Matt cleared up that he saved Jag’s game because he knew he needed an ally to move forward in the game. We will see how the jurors felt about their final answers. This may end up being a close vote.

The entire Big Brother 25 house went nuts when they discovered that Cirie Fields and Jared Fields were mother and son. The houseguests readily admitted they had no idea these two houseguests were related. Jared admitted that he confided in Blue and told her Cirie was his mother.


The jury votes were as follows:

Bowie Jabe voted for Jag
Felicia voted for Matt
Cirie voted for Matt
America voted for Jag
Blue voted for Jag
Cory voted for Jag
Cameron voted for Jag

Jag Bains won Big Brother 25 by a vote of 5 to 2.


America’s Favorite Houseguest is up next. The top three vote-getters were Cirie, Matt, and Cameron. The winner was Cameron Hardin. He won $50,000 for being America’s Favorite Houseguest.

BB25 Cameron Hardin

Julie Chen announced a new CBS game called Big Brother Reindeer Games, premiering on Monday, December 11th.In this game, legendary BB players return to become the last man standing.  Six action-packed holiday-themed episodes with special appearances with BB favorites like Jordan, Derek, and Tiffany.

Big Brother 25

Julie thanked everyone for the beautiful 25th-anniversary celebration of Big Brother.


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