Big Brother 25 Epsiode 41 Recap: Round One Final HOH

The epic 100-day season of Big Brother 25 has just two days remaining in the game. The final three houseguests have been established, and they are Jag Bains, Bowie Jane, and Matt Klotz. Jag won his seventh POV competition of the season and chose to evict Felicia Cannon over Matt, who is his strongest competitor.

Big Brother 25

Tonight, the three-part HOH competition begins. The winner of the first round will automatically advance to the final round. The losers of the first round will compete against one another for a chance to compete in the third round. The winner of the final competition wins the last HOH and chooses which player will sit next to them for the jury to vote the winner of Big Brother 25.

Big Brother 25 Final Three Take A Look Back

The final three dinners are iconic in the Big Brother 25 house. They get to sit together and enjoy a very fancy meal, all while reminiscing about the prior season. Jag, Bowie, and Matt took a stroll back with video highlights of the past Big Brother 25 season.

Big Brother 25

Big Brother 25 Family Greetings

Jag, Matt, and Bowie received greetings from their loved ones outside of the Big Brother house. Jag received a much-welcomed message from his sister and new brother-in-law encouraging him to continue fighting. Bowie Jane got a very warm greeting from her parents from down under, who had just come back from a three-week holiday. Matt’s mom sent him an encouraging message to stay positive and bring home a win. The remaining houseguests were very excited to receive messages from their loved ones.

Big Brother 25 Round One Of The Final HOH

All four Big Brother “verses” have collided for the final HOH competition, resulting in the comp name When Universes Collide.” This is how the competition will work. Each houseguest will sit on their BB Comic-Verse bubble. On go, they will be repeatedly raised and slammed into the Scary-Verse haunted house while being dunked into scrambled eggs from the Scramble-Verse. The Humili-Verse will also throw extra messy stuff their way during the competition.

Big Brother 25

The last person holding onto their BB Comic-Verse bubble will win the first part of the HOH competition and automatically advance to part three. The two houseguests that lose will battle it out in the second part of the HOH competition.

Join us on Thursday, November 9th at 8 PM for the Big Brother 25 season finale.


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