Big Brother Live Feeds Highlight: Waiting for Zingbot! [Video]

There is little the Big Brother Houseguests both look forward to and dread more than the arrival of Zingbot. The Big Brother 17 cast is no exception. There is good reason to be nervous about Zingbot coming into the house. While sometimes it’s ‘zings’ are just pure fun, every now and then one of them will be truly nasty, or even worse, reveal a bit too much about a player’s game.

The twins worry over Zingbot on the Live Feeds (CBS)

The anticipation of Zingbot’s future commentary and insults is usually worse than the actual zings. A lot of times they are silly and relatively meaningless. Now and then Zingbot can get rather personal though, especially when it comes to Houseguest ‘showmances’ in particular.

Like when it told Jordan Lloyd that Jeff Schroeder hadn’t proposed to her yet because “he knows you’re terrible at answering questions.” The nasty bit being more about how extremely long it was taking Jeff to propose, not about her lack of skills at trivia. Or when Zingbot called out Danielle Murphree for basically being totally creepy with her obsession over Shane Meaney.

While we won’t actually get to see the Big Brother 2015 zings until Wednesday on this week’s Power of Veto show, we’ve had a few hints on some of them from the Live Feeds.  This time around, we’re especially interested to see exactly what Zingbot had to say about Austin, because it couldn’t resist bringing up that girlfriend back home. Also, Zingbot riled up the other Houseguests a bit about Vanessa by calling her “masterful” during her zing. Red flag people!

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