Who Was Evicted on Big Brother 24 Tonight? (9/1/22)

This week in the Big Brother 24 house started with the Head of Household, Matt Turner, nominating his fellow allies in the Leftovers, Taylor Hale and Brittany Hoopes. However, his main target for the week was Michael Bruner, and  Turner’s plan was to backdoor Michael. Things don’t always go as planned in Big Brother.

BB24 Eviction

That plan went up in smoke when Michael won his fifth Power of Veto of the Big Brother 24 season. Michael will most likely take his BFF Brittany off the block, ensuring both of their safeties for the week. All the while, Kyle Capener was exposed to the house by Michael and Brittany for his racially motivated gameplay. Who will end up on the block this week, and who will be sent to the jury house tonight? Let’s find out now.

Big Brother 24 House Meeting

Kyle could feel the tension against him in the Big Brother 24 house and asked Alyssa Snider if she knew what was happening. She confessed to Kyle about the allegations of his racially motivated play of the game. Kyle tried to go to the HOH room and speak with Turner but was turned away. Brittany and Michael were already in the HOH room talking with Turner.

Kyle asked Brittany what had been said about me in the house. She was very honest about how bad it looked that he assumed certain houseguests were aligning together just because of race, similar to the Cookout alliance from last season. Kyle also spoke with Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, and Terrance Higgins about his mistake, and Kyle did apologize for his assumptions and actions.

BB24 House Meeting

Turner suggested that a house meeting would be the best next step. Turner and Monte were confused because Michael and Brittany sat on this information about Kyle for 2 weeks rather than blowing the whistle immediately.

Kyle left all his information all on the table. He admitted his ignorance was to blame. Terrance asked Michael and Brittany why they didn’t come clean sooner. Terrance said if he had known this information last week during Dyre Fest, Joseph would have never gone home. Kyle would have been evicted.

Kyle stepped up and apologized to the Big Brother house and told them he was an imperfect person trying to make himself better. He thinks he has a lot of growing to do as a person, which he will focus on in his life.

Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

As predicted, Michael used the POV to take Brittany off the block. Turner nominated Kyle in her place for eviction this week. Taylor or Kyle will be evicted this evening.


Kyle and Alyssa spoke and decided that they should no longer be in a relationship. Alyssa said she felt Kyle would ever pick her over himself. She didn’t want to grow old and have babies with someone like that.

Later, Kyle broke down in tears crying to Monte. Kyle said he would never forget the look of disgust Monte and Terrance gave him. This made Monte start crying as well. Kyle took full responsibility for his actions.

In the end, Monte told Kyle was upset by his action, but he still loved him as a person. They hugged it out.

Later in the day, Monte and Taylor had a conversation and agreed that Michael was running away with the $750,000 Big Brother 24 prize. The first chance arises, and they will try to get Michael out of the game.

Week 9 Live Eviction Vote

After Kyle and Taylor gave their last chance speeches, the live voting began. The votes were as follows:

Michael voted to evict Kyle
Alyssa voted to evict Kyle
Terrance voted to evict Kyle
Brittany voted to evict Kyle
Monte voted to evict Kyle

By a vote of 5 to 0, Kyle was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house. During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Kyle said that despite everything that happened, he is grateful for the opportunity with Big Brother. He did realize how terrible it looked now when he assumed who was aligning in the house. He said he went after Joseph because of his strong alliance with Monte and for no other reason.

Week 9 Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Burning Bot, and Zing Bot will arrive later this evening. First, the houseguests must race to complete a puzzle. The first houseguest to finish their puzzle and hit their buzzer will win the next HOH.


Join us again Sunday evening, September 4, at 8 PM EST for the HOH results.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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