Big Brother 24 Week 9 Head of Household (HOH) (09/01/22)

This has been an intense Big Brother 24 week. Some of Kyle Capener‘s comments came to light and left a dark cloud over the week, both for viewers and houseguests. With Kyle’s departure, we can now move past that and focus on the current Big Brother 24 game. We’re now down to the final seven Big Brother 24 players.

Big Brother 24 Week 9 HOH

Michael Bruner, Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, Matt Turner, Alyssa Snider, and Terrance Higgins now have a 1 in 7 chance of winning $750,000 and the title of Big Brother 24 winner. They just have to make sure they are the ones sitting in the final two seats. Michael may have the most challenging road ahead. He’s the player on most of the other players’ radar as someone who needs to leave sooner rather than later.

His only chance to not be targeted this week is if he, Brittany, and maybe Taylor win the Head of Household. if one of these three players doesn’t win, then he really needs the Veto to remain in the game. Everyone else is someone’s target, but Michael is definitely the biggest target in the game right now.

Before tonight’s eviction, we got a little sneak peek and know that this week’s Head of Household Competition is a Zinbot puzzle.

So who won this final seven Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out.



Michael is the new Head of Household.

Yes, Michael has won yet another competition and really going towards a record. Most likely Michael will nominate Terrance and Alyssa. He would prefer to get out Turner, but he made a deal to not nominate him this week…but he mentioned earlier this week that if he could find an excuse, he would go back on that deal. For now, I assume he will try to stick to his word by just nominating Alyssa and Terrance initially and then consider another option after Veto.

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