Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 9 Block Nominations (09/02/22)

We’re in a repetitive cycle of Michael Bruner dominating the competitions. He’s won eight total and is one competition away from tying with Janelle Pierzina as the player with the most individual competition wins in a single season. This makes him the biggest threat in the Big Brother 24 house. Everyone but Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale want to take a shot at evicting Michael.

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Unfortunately for them, Michael once again is the Head of Household. As Head of Household, he should use his power this week to take a shot at someone who could become a competitive threat to him. Matt Turner is the only remaining Big Brother 24 houseguest who has even come a little bit close to Michael’s competition dominance. His wins are very small in comparison with only two wins compared to Michael’s eight. Brittany has three Veto wins, but she shares two of them with Michael as his former Festie Bestie.

Terrance Higgins also has two wins, technically, but one was from placing second in an HOH competition. All the remaining houseguests, minus Alyssa Snider, only have one competition win. This means that Michael should target someone who he feels is the most likely to be a threat in upcoming competitions.

He feels this is Turner, but he made a deal with him to not nominate him this week because Turner nominated Kyle Capener. Michael also knows Monte Taylor could be a threat to his game, especially because he has been trying to get Taylor to target Michael, despite discussions of the four of them (Michael, Brittany, Monte, and Taylor) going to the final four together.

Michael knows Monte is coming for him, but he doesn’t want to make the move to take him out this week. Michael wants to play it safe this week. Safe for Michael means nominating Alyssa and Terrance for eviction.

However, if one of them wins the Veto, Michael may be more open to trying to take out Turner or Monte this week.

So did Michael play it safe and nominate Alyssa and Terrance? Read below to find out!



Michael nominated Terrance and Alyssa. Despite getting Terrance out of the game only slightly helps him, I suspect Michael will stick to taking out Terrance unless he gets an out that allows him to target  Monte or Turner this week.

Join us tomorrow for the Zingbot-themed Power of Veto Competition results.

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