Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 24: The Final Five Look Ahead to The End Game

The Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds were down for the majority of the day. We didn’t have any morning action, but we’re sure they were just deciding to all vote together to evict Natalie Eva Marie, and discussing who to target next.

Then the feeds returned a little while after the double eviction.
Tamar Braxton, Lolo Jones, and Ricky Williams discussed being happy that Tom Green was finally gone. They could breathe again.

They also discussed the loud cheers and positive crowd reaction that Tom received. Lolo believed that it was a sign he would be a top contender for America’s Favorite Player along with Tamar. Tamar believed that they were just cheering because they were happy that he was finally getting out the house.

After Ricky won the Head of Household title, he made it pretty clear that Kandi Burruss was his target. He would name Dina Lohan and her as his nominees. He asked Tamar for her permission to nominate and target Kandi. She told him that it was his HoH, he could do what he wanted.

Lolo received her HOH basket, and it contained a letter from her best friend. It made her depressed because she really wanted a letter from a husband that doesn’t exist yet. Tamar comforted her and told her to be happy that she has a best friend, many people don’t have that.

Kandi and Dina knew the writing was on the wall for one of them to go this week, and it would most likely be Kandi. She really needs the Veto.

Ricky, Tamar, and Lolo agreed that the Head of Household room had bad vibes. He would be avoiding it this week. He planned to stay in his regular bed, and then Ricky offered the room to Dina and Kandi.

Later today, Ricky will make his nominations. Expect to see Kandi and Dina’s names on the memory wall.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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