Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Week 3.5 Eviction: Which Two will Go in the Double [POLL]?

We are down to the final seven Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests. Lolo JonesKandi Burruss, Ricky Williams,Tom Green,Tamar BraxtonDina Lohan, and Natalie Eva Marie all want the Celebrity Big Brother winner title. They are so close to the end with only five more days left until the houseguests can see other humans again. For now, they must continue the battle.

Celebrity Big Brother-Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, and Ricky Williams

Right now, the Celebrity Big Brother 2 battle revolves around which member of the infamous trio will leave. At the beginning of the week, Tom nominated Ricky and Eva Marie. After some of Kandi and Dina’s influence, he removed Ricky from the block and nominated Lolo. Now this Unbreakable duo will be broken up.

Kandi and Dina want to vote to evict Eva Marie. They believe that she has the best chance to win competitions between the three. She also knows the game a little better than Lolo and Ricky. Eva Marie is also a little more well liked than Lolo and Ricky, so she could get some votes at the end.

Tamar and Ricky want to keep Eva Marie, basically for the reasons that Dina and Kandi want her out. They see her as a tool that could help advance their games. They don’t see that potential with Lolo, especially with her intense emotional outbursts.

Kandi and Dina don’t seem to want to switch their vote, nor does Ricky and Tamar. It could come down to a tie, which Tom will have to break. However, we expect them to all agree to vote out Eva Marie.

Going into the double eviction, it could go any way, but we think this is the most likely order of possible eviction:

1. Tom-He is the most likely to go as he’s most player’s big target. However, he’s the best at competitions, so he’s also most likely to win the Power of Veto. Since only six people are left, everyone will be playing for it tonight.

2. Ricky-Tom spared him as the first target. However, if people can’t get Tom out, they’re most likely to go for Ricky next. He seems like a strategic masterminds compared to some of the other players. Kandi and Dina are also more likely to go after him to show Tom their loyalty, and that he made the right move getting out Eva Marie first.

3. Kandi-She’s been rubbing people the wrong way by getting so close to Tom. Only Dina fully trusts her.

4. Tamar-It’s highly unlikely that Tamar is going anywhere, but if somehow Ricky, Tom, and Kandi are safe, then they might have to go for Tamar by default.

5. Lolo-She seems too emotional for anyone to take serious as a game threat. However, her emotional outbursts may annoy everyone so much that they just get rid of her to make it more peaceful in the house.

6. Dina-The only way she becomes a target is if someone really wants to weaken Tom’s numbers.

Who do you think will leave tonight? Comment and vote below.

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Celebrity Big Brother Two

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