Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 23: Kandi Ends the Trio

Yesterday was all about trying to figure out who to vote out the Celebrity Big Brother house. The houseguests were surprised when Head of Household Tom Green removed Ricky Williams from the block. This immediately started suspicion that the two men were working together.

Celebrity Big Brother-Kandi Burruss and Dina Lohan

Tamar Braxton told Kandi Burruss that she would nominate Ricky and Tom together if she won Head of Household, and she told her that she should do the same. Ricky made it clear that he wasn’t aligned with Tom, and that he would target him if he won the Head of Household. He said that this made them even. He even credited his manipulation skills with saving him. No one realized that Kandi was the one that orchestrated this big move.

Natalie Eva Marie was willing to die on her sword for Lolo Jones. Their close bond, and the fact that Lolo didn’t have anyone to go home to, made Eva Marie feel sorry for the Olympian. Ricky and Tamar snapped her out of it. They wanted her to fight to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother game.

Celebrity Big Brother Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie

Tamar and Ricky discussed who they wanted to stay. They both agreed that they want to keep Eva Marie. Meanwhile, Kandi and Dina Lohan want to keep Lolo.

When Eva Marie finally decided to fight for her game, she asked Dina and Kandi about their votes. They both were vague but made it clear enough that she didn’t have them…yet. Eva Marie and Lolo really didn’t want Tom to have the final say. They wanted to pick who went by agreeing and getting everyone to vote that way.

Celebrity Big Brother-Natalie Eva Marie


Once again, Kandi wasn’t going to do that plan. All the talks and vote questioning created even more distrust. Kandi and Dina weren’t sure if they could trust Tamar because she kept trying to influence their vote, when they were set on evicting Eva Marie. Tom was sure if he could trust Kandi, because she told Tamar about their conversations.

Tonight’s first eviction will likely end in Eva Marie being evicted. Whether it’s via Tom breaking a tie or an unanimous vote is yet to be determined.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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