Celebrity Big Brother 2 Episode 10 Recap: New HOH Crowned

With only three episodes left until the grand finale of Celebrity Big Brother 2, the pending Head of Household competition on tonight’s episode could not be any more important.  We watched as fan favorite Kato Katelin was evicted during the last episode by a shocking unanimous vote by reigning HOH Tamar Braxton.  Now that Tom Green has lost his partner in crime, AKA Tomato, will he have the largest target on his back for the next eviction, or can Tom pull out another miracle competition win to save his game?

Tom Green and Ricky Williams Celebrity Big Brother

We are down to 7 houseguests in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and surprisingly, five of those are women.  Typical Big Brother seasons favor men in the competition, but Celebrity Big Brother is the exception it seems.  With the females having numbers in the game, the remaining males in the game, Ricky Williams and Tom Green have the odds stacked against them in tonight’s HOH competition.  Let’s see who won this important power inside the Big Brother house.

Kato Eviction Fallout

After Kato’s eviction on Day 20 in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Tom is very surprised he is still in the game.  Tamar is very happy that she got Kato evicted.  The Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie are more determined than ever to go over and evict Tom next.  He better watch out now that his Tomato pal has ben evicted.

Kandi Burruss recognizes that Tom is now all alone in the house and decides to bring him over to her side.  Lolo and Ricky have a conversation about the next block nominees, if they win the HOH.  Lolo wants to put up Tom and Kandi, to send a message.

Kandi addresses Tom and suggests that they target the athletes (Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky) in Big Brother house next, if they won the HOH.  Tom is unsure if Kandi is just doing reconnaissance for the other side or if she is genuinely on his team.  Tom doesn’t have any other options for alliances at this point.  Kato is gone and Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky certainly won’t have a change of heart.

Head of Household Competition

Omarosa from last year’s Celebrity Big Brother 1 is back in the house to host the next HOH competition.  Celebrity Tumbling Dice is the name of the competition.  During each match, two houseguests will compete against one another as they get into life size dice.  Omarosa will spin a wheel to determine the target number between 1 and 6.  The houseguest to roll their dice with the target number on top in the preselected finish square, will win their match.

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa

In the first round, Tom eliminated Ricky from the HOH competition.  Lolo was randomly selected next and picked Tom again.  Tom destroys Lolo.  Natalie is up next and she picks Dina Lohan to compete against.  Natalie eliminates Dina from the comp.  Next up is Kandi.  She challenges Natalie.  Natalie wins the round.

Only Tom and Natalie are left in the challenge.  This is a critical point in the competition.  Tom has to win this round to save his game or he will definitely be on the block for eviction.   In no time at all, Tom wins the round and the Head of Household power.

HOH Aftermath

Kandi celebrates in private with Tom.  She hopes that he saw she selected Natalie to compete against instead of him to show her loyalty to him.  Tom plays down the celebratory events, but he seems happy Kandi is on his side.

The other “side” of the house realizes how smart Tom is now after this comp.  They are freaking out because they know two of them will be going on the block.  Dina suggests to Tom to nominate Lolo and Natalie as retribution for what they did to Kato.  She also shares that she feels they have been means girls since day one.

Natalie is very upset that Kandi drew a line in the sand by picking her over Tom to go up against in the competition. She addresses this with Lolo and Tamar.  Tamar tries to take Kandi’s back, but Natalie insists that Kandi is dead to her.

Tom decides to privately meet with all of the houseguests.  He does this to try and gain some favor once his HOH is over.  Tom makes a deal to keep her safe if she keeps him safe this week.  She is not his target this week.  Lolo is told that he is being used as a pawn on the block.  He insists that she is not the target.  Tom speaks with Ricky and tells him he will also be a pawn.  Tom admits to lying in the dairy room just to keep Ricky out of the loop.

Ricky tries to convince Tom to keep Ricky, Lolo and Natalie off the block.  This would keep him safe another week after his HOH.  Tom agrees to his deal, full knowing he will target him for eviction.

Tom has a game strategizing talk with Kandi.  He explains that he wants to put up Lolo and Ricky on the block for eviction.  If Ricky wins the POV, then Lolo will go up.  Kandi explains that theory won’t work and Natalie will not keep him safe going forward, she is lying to him.

Block Nominees

At the nomination ceremony, Tom decides to stick to his guns.  He nominates Natalie and Ricky to the block for eviction.  Needless to say, Lolo and Natalie are not pleased and vow to win the POV ceremony, as does Ricky.  The next POV are critical as to who will be safe and who will be on the block for the double eviction episode tomorrow night, February 8 at 8 PM/7 PM CST for a special 2 hour episode.  Join us tomorrow evening!


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