Big Brother 18 Recap: Houseguests Hit the Boiling Point! 8/14/2016

On Sunday evening, CBS TV show fans finally got a glimpse at all the hell that’s been breaking loose on the Live Feeds both before and after Thursday’s evictions. Sadly, CBS only had time to share the barest minimum of the delightful amount of drama and nastiness that’s been going on behind the scenes on the Feeds. It’s always interesting to see what gets covered and what gets left on the editing room floor!


When we last left our houseguests on the CBS Big Brother TV show on Thursday night, Bridgette Dunning had just been evicted after Corey won the first Head of Household competition of the evening and put her and Michelle Meyer on the block. Unfortunately, the show ended before the second HoH challenge and fans were left wondering who would win and if it would strengthen or kill the revolution against Paulie happening in the house.

For those watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, the spoilers were revealed later in the evening on who won Head of Household in the second round of the night, but of course it’s never quite as much as watching the competition in action. Plus, we can’t wait to see the reactions from the eviction nominees tonight when they get put up on the block by the new HoH, because we know from Live Feeds spoilers that it’s going to be absolutely awesome to watch!


Michelle Meyer and Nicole Franzel start arguing following last week’s Big Brother double eviction, because Michelle called Nicole a snake during her final eviction speech. Michelle then tries to joke it off by saying that the final three girls need to form an alliance and call it the Fatal 3 (throwback to the Fatal Five).

Big Brother’s viewers then flashback to 24-hours earlier. Natalie Negrotti tells Zakiyah Everette that Paulie Calafiore took his flirting with her a little over the line. She claims that she doesn’t necessarily believe that Paulie’s feelings for Zakiyah are genuine.

Then we get to see Paulie making comments to Natalie that are flirty and makes Natalie feel uncomfortable around him. Next, Natalie tells James Huiling all the comments that Paulie made to her when he wasn’t around.

Big Brother 18-Zakiyah

James then confronts Paulie about the comments. He claims that Natalie flirted with him back, and she does with all the guys. Later, Paulie confronts Natalie about her comments. He calls her fake.

Later Paulie, James, Bridgette Dunning, Corey Brooks, Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, and Zakiyah all gather in the Head of Household room to discuss what’s going on between James, Paulie, Natalie, and Zakiyah. Bridgette then steps in and tells Paulie that she doesn’t approve of his comments to Natalie. He doesn’t really listen to her, and just grows more and more aggressive.

Zakiyah then tells Natalie how everything started blowing up in the HOH room. Natalie then goes to the Head of Household room to help Bridgette out. They all start arguing. This conversation makes everyone in the house really start to question Paulie’s character and game manipulation. Paul decides that it is time to distance himself from him.

Right before double eviction, Corey, Nicole, and Paulie discuss James’ plan to vote out Zakiyah. James confesses that the girls (Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie) thought of the plan to vote out Zakiyah. He wants to be loyal to Natalie above everyone else.

Paulie then confronts Paul about flipping the vote without telling anyone. Paul tries to deny it.  Then Paulie returns to confronting James about lying to him and betraying the alliance. After the double eviction, Paulie and James speak to each other. They apologize, but James says he forgives him on a personal level, but not in the game.

Big Brother 18-HOH comp Wk 8

Paul and Paulie then talk to try to make amends, but neither really trust the other one.

In the storage room, Victor and Paul discuss playing the middle of the house. They celebrate their position with a dance.

Head of Household Competition: Hollywood Squirrels

Benny the BB squirrel stars in this competition.  Each player must face off. Whoever scores a point in each round advances, while the other player gets eliminated. They must answer questions about a grid featuring the Benny.  The results are as followed:

The first round is Michelle against James—> James wins the round.
The second round is Paul against Nicole—> Paul wins the round.
The third round is Natalie against Victor—>Victor wins the round.
The fourth round is Paul against Paulie—> Paul wins the round.
The fifth round is James against Victor—>Victor wins the round.
The final round is Paul against Victor—> Victor wins the round.

Victor becomes the newest Head of Household. In his DR session, Paul implies that he threw the last round so that Victor gets to make the move, and it keeps the blood off of his hands.

Immediately following the competition, Paulie, Victor, and Paul discuss nominating Natalie and Michelle for eviction this week.

Later, Paul tells Victor that their smartest move this week would be to nominate Corey and Paulie. Victor worries about this decision coming back to haunt him. However, he agrees to do it, especially because Paulie backdoored him the week he got evicted.

They then include James in their plan to nominate Corey and Paulie this week.

Big Brother 18-Nicole's Super Safety costume

America’s Care Package arrives. Nicole wins this week’s America’s Care Package. She wins Super Safety, which gives her immunity from nominations and a Super Safety costume.


James then tells Natalie that they plan to nominate Paulie and Corey. She mentions having Michelle around her finger, so they have the votes to get him out.

Victor nominates Corey and Paulie. He says that Paulie is the best competitor, and Corey is just guilty by association. In the DR, Victor mentions this being payback for blindsiding him. Paul says that he had to bury PP with Paulie for all the backstabbing he did. He then proceeds to do a “Friendship Blindside” dance.

Big Brother 18-Paulie Calafiore

The episode ends with Paulie crying in the DR room about Corey and him being on the block together.

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