Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: (2/07/19)-Week 3.5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Tom Green once again has all the power this Celebrity Big Brother 2 week. He started the week wanting Ricky Williams out the house. He hasn’t budged or even slightly considered another option. However, his remaining allies, Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss see the long game potential threat of Natalie Eva Marie.

Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony

She’s the best player of the trio, she’s the most liked of the three, and she could go on a competition winning spree. They believe Tom should focus on getting her out first, and worry about Ricky later. Tom doesn’t agree. This week, it’s Ricky or no one for him.

After he won the Power of Veto, Tom discussed removing Eva Marie as an option by using the Veto on her. He would then nominate Lolo Jones. Kandi really didn’t think that was a good idea, but Tom wanted to ensure that he got the votes the way he wanted them to go. He wanted a unified vote against Ricky.

This led to some conflict between Tom and Kandi, especially when he brought up Tamar Braxton as a potential choice as well. Tom and Kandi both have valid points and reasons, but Tom has the Veto, so that gives him a little more say. So did Tom use the Veto to ensure Ricky’s eviction? Or will he trust the house to vote out Ricky?



Tom used the Veto. In a twist of events, he removed Ricky Williams from the block, and named Lolo Jones as a replacement nominee. Tomorrow Eva Marie or Lolo will be the first person evicted in the Live double eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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