Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Battle of the Block Week One 6/27/2014

We had a slew of Big Brother 16 spoilers emerge last night during the first evening of Big Brother Live Feeds after the CBS show went off the air. Not only did we learn who was nominated for eviction, but we also discovered the first Battle of the Block competition has already taken place.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Live Feeds (CBS)

There was also, of course, the naked streaking through the house by Joey and Hayden, the declarations of undying love by Caleb for Amber, and a whole lot of scheming, plotting, and deal-making as well. You can read up on all of that in our Big Brother spoilers Live Feeds report from Thursday night. If you’d rather skip all that, however, and get right to finding out who won the first Battle of the Block, read on.

It took a while to ferret out all the info from the talk on the Big Brother Live Feeds last night, but eventually we were able to figure out the results of the eviction nominations and the Battle of the Block. The first clue was that Paola and Donny’s keys were missing from the Memory Wall. We eventually learned that they were both nominated for eviction by Caleb, the second Head of Household of the week.

The two other nominees turned out to be Brittany and Victoria, who were nominated by the first HoH of the week, Frankie. However, their keys were not missing from the memory wall because apparently they were the winners in the first HoH Battle of the Block Competition.

So Caleb’s team appears to have won the Battle of the Block, which means that Frankie is no longer safe as the losing Head of Household of the week and his two nominations — Paola and Donny — are still on the block.


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