Big Brother 18 Recap: Double Eviction Madness! 8/11/2016

Big Brother Double Eviction night is probably our very favorite episode every season. So much crazy fun and drama packed all into one rapid fire show! Before the end of the evening, we’ll not only have two more houseguests headed off to Jury, but we’ll also cycle through two Head of Household Competitions, nominations, and Power of Veto comp and ceremony as well!

Big Brother 18 Double Eviction (1)

There will be no time for second guessing the plans houseguests have been making over the past few days. After the first live eviction of the night, whichever player wins Head of Household will immediately have to throw two people up on the block.

After that, it will be on to the Power of Veto Competition and the winner will have to decide what to do with their power. If someone comes off the block, the new HoH will have to name a replacement. Then it’s another Live Eviction followed by a second HoH comp, which may or may not end by the time the show is over.

If the second Head of Household Competition is not done when the CBS TV show ends, we’ll still bring you the SPOILERS for the results from the Big Brother Live Feeds as soon as they come in. So stay tuned with us for a full rundown of Thursday night’s wild and crazy Double Eviction extravaganza!

Time to get this show on the road! Aren’t we looking fetching tonight in your little white dress Miss Julie Chen?


Before we get to our first live eviction, we do a bit of a rewind to watch the houseguests starting to mutiny against Paulie. Bridgette tells Natalie that Paulie is totally running the house. Michelle comes over and joins them and she agrees Paulie is pulling all the strings. Michelle only needs three votes to get Zakiyah out if James uses his two America’s Care Package votes to help her stay.

Paul tells Paulie that next week with PP they need to make a serious strategic move and put up Zakiyah and Nicole. Paulie wants to put up Natalie as the target next week. Paul keeps arguing they need to get out a bigger target next week. Paulie is like no, Natalie is the one who needs to go. Paul is not happy about this and he’s saying that the PP alliance may be able to die of Paulie keeps only thinking of one of the P’s involved.


Michelle talks to James and Natalie about how Paulie has been running the house. James then talks to Bridgette and Natalie. The two girls tell James they both want Michelle to stay instead of Zakiyah. Maybe it’s time to shake things up, James thinks, and says in Diary Room that he hopes America is ready.

That then progresses to all of them meeting with Paul, and they all tell him that Paulie has been getting them to target all of Paulie’s enemies. Bridgette tells Paul that Paulie told her the only person he trusts in the house is Corey, not her. Paul is now on board to join the plan to flip the vote to get Zakiyah out. With everyone else on board, James is now willing to jump in and finalize the vote change, including canceling out the votes of Paul and Corey (Paul’s at his request to keep blame off him).


Now Julie Chen reveals the Double Eviction and that two people will be going to Jury unless one of them has the special Round Trip ticket. No time to waste, so it’s on to the first Live Eviction vote of the night. After two short speeches by Zakiyah and Michelle, with Michelle talking about how Paulie blew up his own game, James announces he is cancelling out Paul’s vote and Corey’s vote.


Live Vote Results #1

Paulie votes to evict Michelle
Natalie votes to evict Zakiyah
Nicole votes to evict Michelle (even though she says she knows Meech is staying)
James votes to evict Zakiyah
Bridgette votes to evict Zakiyah

Zakiyah has been evicted from the house and will be the next member of the Jury. Unless she has the Round Trip ticket. Zakiyah gives a really long lovey hug to Paulie, hugs Nicole, Victor, and Corey, and heads out the door.


Host Julie Chen opens the envelope for the ticket and… it’s a One Way Ticket to Jury. Zakiyah tells Julie that she might not be sitting there right now if she hadn’t focused so much of her time on Paulie instead of the game. She hopes that Paulie will want to to be up to continue the relationship outside the house and she has no regrets.


Big Brother Head of Household Competition Results: Week 8 #1

Now we’re off to the backyard for the first Head of Household Competition of the night with a ‘more or less’ competition where the houseguests have to decide if the answer to a question is more or less than the example given.


Round 1: Paulie and Bridgette are eliminated. Michelle and Natalie do a huge happy dance.
Round 2: Only Corey gets it right! He is the new Head of Household.

Corey only has only a few minutes to choose nominations. Great, this means that basically the whole house revolt against Paulie may just have gotten screwed!

Our live Big Brother 18 recap of tonight’s show right continues! Please be sure to refresh this page frequently during the show for the latest updates!


As the new Head of Household, Corey now has to choose nominations. He takes the boys of the house aside to talk strategy. James tells Corey to do what he wants and he’ll do whatever. Corey keeps trying to get the others to tell him what to do.


Even Paulie won’t really tell him, saying he doesn’t want to be ‘forceful’. Finally they all basically agree to previously planned out nominations by the alliance. And those are: Bridgette and Michelle. So basically the two lead members of the revolt against Paulie that ended up getting Zakiyah out.


Power of Veto Competition

Now it’s time for the Power of Veto Competition. The randomly drawn players chosen to join Bridgette, Corey, and Michelle in the comp are Paul, Nicole, and James. In the ‘Veto Time’ challenge, the houseguests have to race over obstacles to dig out clocks from a ball pit. The first person to get all their clocks and then grab a special Power of Veto gear at the end wins.


Bridgette is the first to find a clock, followed by Nicole, Bridgette, James, then Paul. Nicole is out with the second, Corey with his first. Corey and Paul with their second clock. Bridgette with her second clock, Corey with his third clock, Corey grabs the veto gear and he has won Power of Veto.

Power of Veto Ceremony


Corey briefly consults with Paul, Nicole and Paulie and they pretty quickly agree to get “her” out and we think we heard them say Bridgette. If so, Bridgette is about to be the second person evicted and going to Jury unless she has that Round Trip ticket back into the house. Although it’s Michelle who says she thinks she is the “dead man walking.”

Live Eviction Results #2

Michelle and Bridgette give their very short little speeches about wanting to stay in the house. Bridgette says has made her target clear and she wants to stay. Michelle says she is happy Paulie got his game blown up, and she also says Nicole is a snake and everyone evicted has said the same thing and they should believe her. Time for the vote!

Live Eviction Results #2

Natalie votes to evict Michelle
Paulie votes to evict Bridgette
Nicole votes to evict Bridgette (surprisingly she says)
Victor votes to evict Bridgette
James votes to evict Bridgette
Paul votes to evict Bridgette

Bridgette has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will go to Jury if she does not have the Round Trip ticket. Michelle starts bawling that she is so sorry and she doesn’t know what happened. Bridgette is pissed off that she doesn’t understand what happened. Michelle is yelling that she loves her as a person as Bridgette exits.


Michelle is still crying when host Julie Chen tells her to chill so she can open the ticket envelope. Sadly for Bridgette it is a One Way Ticket to the Jury house. Bridgette will not be returning, so one of them is still holding the Round Trip Ticket.


After all Michelle said tonight, Julie asks Bridgette how she is still in the house and she isn’t. Bridgette is really not sure why she’s out there. She has a messed up ankle and knee, how do they think she’s a threat? She says she’s a strong, independent woman and maybe they were just afraid of her. Also, gunning after Paulie this week and playing hard probably contributed to her being evicted. However, she does not regret exposing Paulie.

Julie announces the second Head of Household Competition will air on Sunday night. Also, the America’s Care Package this week will be safe from eviction and the person will have to wear a special ‘Safety Suit’ all week. Lastly, apparently we will be having another Friday episode coming up on the 19th!

Head of Household Competition#2

The show ends before the second HoH is over, so hop on over to our special live recap of the second Head of Household competition results from the Live Feeds so we don’t spoil it for anyone who doesn’t want to know before Sunday night’s show!

That’s a wrap!

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