Big Brother 18 Recap: Final Three Houseguests Revealed! 9/14/2016

The Big Brother 18 Final Three is here at last! In our recap tonight, we’ll be racing through the Eviction Nominations from new HoH Paul Abrahamian, then on to the Power of Veto Competition, and Veto Ceremony, and then lastly we’ll wind up with another eviction.

Big Brother 18 Final Four Memory Wall (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Final Four Memory Wall (CBS)

At the end of the evening, only three houseguests will remain to battle it out in the three-part finale Head of Household Competition challenge that will take place over the course of the next week. The two finalists who come out on top will then have to face the Jury to see who will be voted the winner of a half million dollars on the Big Brother 18 finale next Wednesday!

If that isn’t enough excitement for one night, we also have the promise of an “explosive confrontation” in the Big Brother Jury house, and from the preview put out by CBS, it looks like Paulie Calafiore and Da’Vonne Rogers got into it hardcore!


We can’t wait to see what went down in the Jury house between Paulie and Day! Certainly looks like Big Meech was having quite a laugh over it at least. Of course, the real meat of the show tonight is finding out who will end up with the sad fate of landing in fourth place on Big Brother 18. Is there anything worse than fourth place? Well, maybe going out first is the absolute worst, but being just a hair away from competing in the Final Three and missing out, well, that’s pretty damn awful.

Tonight, the most important Power of Veto Competition of the season will make the difference between making it to the Final Three, or going out the door to the Jury house! But first…

When we last left our houseguests, Victor Arroyo had been voted out by a vote of two to zero, and Paul Abrahamian had become the next Head of Household and earned his ticket to the Final Three.

Paul is really emotional about making it to the Top Three and he hopes that he can win this whole thing for him and his buddy Victor. James is hoping that his conversation with Paul about breaking up Corey and Nicole will stick.

Time for the nomination ceremony and Paul has indeed decided to put up the power couple together. He says they have proven to be impressive and scary, and strategically this is what makes the most sense to him.

Big Brother 18 Nominations:

Honestly, however, James says in Diary Room that everyone is really on the block, because whoever wins the Power of Veto will really make the decision who will go home this week.

Now we’re off to Jury House and the jurors are wondering who will end up coming into the house next. When Natalie walks through the door, Paulie cannot believe that someone convinced the others to get out a non-threat in the house. They all sit down on the couches to watch the Head of Household of Competition where Victor won. Natalie said she was sure she would be going home and she was the main target.

We then spiral off into a nasty confrontation between Paulie and Da’Vonne because apparently since Zakiyah decided to start talking to Paulie again, he says the other girls have been treating her like shit. He and Da’Vonne start screaming at each other, and Da’Vonne gets up in his face and yelling at him about how badly he treats women. It gets nasty fast!


Paulie asks Da’Vonne what kind of example she is to her daughter and she loses it! Da’Vonne screams he better not talk about her daughter and a staff member rushes in to hold her back because she’s about to pound him! Bridgette jumps in and starts telling Paulie he makes her blood boil and how horrible he is.

Da’Vonne starts yelling at Zakiyah about this is the kind of slime she “lays” with and how she was supposed to be her friend and now she’s just Paulie’s b*tch. And how Paulie is a b*tch and Paulie the whole time is just smirking and making nasty comments. Production basically separates everyone and gets between Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Paulie and everyone else before the clip ends.


Apparently people didn’t kill each other, and when we go back to the Jury house, we have everyone sitting around waiting on the next person to come in the house. Paulie and Zakiyah are basically keeping their distance from the rest of the house. Natalie just wants it to be anyone but James. Bridgette doesn’t want it to be Victor, neither does Da’Vonne or Michelle. Alas, it is Victor who comes walking in the house.

Everyone applauds Victor for making history in getting back into the house twice. Then they go to watch the Head of Household Competition that Corey won, and how Corey and Nicole betrayed them and put him and Paul up on the block against each other. Next up they watch the Power of Veto Competition and see all the funny comic book covers. Nicole won the Power of Veto, and Victor says he just felt he would get voted out, and that’s what happened. Everyone says he played one hell of a game though.

Victor says he thinks Paul will try to hook up with James to get rid of Nicole and Corey, but he isn’t sure which one they would go after first. He says it’s a toss up at this point.

Now it’s time for the baseball-themed ‘Cover Your Bases’ Power of Veto Competition. The Power of Veto winner will either have the only vote for the eviction tonight, or be the person who decides who has the only vote, depending on whether or not the Head of Household wins the competition. It’s all about who wins the PoV, because they are basically the person going to be sending the next houseguest to the Jury tonight.


The houseguests have to run around bases answering questions about what day in the Big Brother house things happened. They have to make sure they get the right day, and they add up the numbers correctly when they are running around the bases. The last person to lock in their correct answer gets an out. Three outs and they are out of the competition.

Power of Veto Competition:

  • Round 1: James gets an out.
  • Round 2: James gets his second out.
  • Round 3: James gets his third out. He’s out of the game.
  • Round 4: Nicole gets her first out.
  • Round 5: Corey gets his first out.
  • Round 6: Nicole gets her second out.
  • Round 7: Nicole gets her third out. She’s out of the game.
  • Round 8: Corey gets his second out.
  • Round 9: Paul gets his first out.
  • Round 10: Paul gets his second out.
  • Round 11: Corey gets his third out. He’s out of the game!

The Power of Veto Winner is… Paul!


Before we move on to the Veto Ceremony and eviction, we have a shout out for fans to get in their votes for America’s Favorite Player and tell CBS who they want to win $25K. Go to to put in your votes for AFP.


Now it’s time for the ‘Veto Ceremony’ and Paul announces that he is not going to change the nominations.

Power of Veto Ceremony/Final Nominations:

  • Nicole Franzel
  • Corey Brooks

Nicole and Corey give their speeches and Corey says he isn’t leaving the house without getting to first base and gives Nicole a kiss. Nicole just raves about how Corey is so handsome and beautiful on the inside and out. (Like he hasn’t gotten WAY further than that on the Live Feeds, LOL.)

James stands and casts the one and only vote for eviction.

Big Brother 18 Eviction vote:

  • Corey Brooks

The person evicted on Big Brother 18 tonight is… Corey. Hugs all around to everyone as he leaves and the final three houseguests are revealed: Nicole Franzel, James Huling, and Paul Abrahamian.


Talking to Julie Chen after his eviction, Corey says he’s actually a bit surprised that James didn’t keep him over Nicole because they were really buddies. Corey says his strategy going in was to lay low and team up with any vets he could. But then once Double Eviction came around he had to just run with it and play hard. Corey says he and Nicole will be “best friends” for a long time to come and “possibly” we’ll see where it goes. Well, that’s very, um, non-commital of him. Thinking that ‘showmance’ isn’t going to be morphing into a real ‘romance’ outside of the house.

That’s a wrap! Here are your Final Three!


Join us on Friday for a special episode where the final Head of Household battle will begin. Then, next Wednesday the live finale will start at 6:30PM ET/9:30PM PT!


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