Celebrity Big Brother 2 Recap – Power of Veto Results 01/23/19

Now that Ryan Lochte has won the first Head of Household competition of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 season, he can enjoy the fruits of his labor.  He has a solid pact and alliance with his ride-or-die Jonathan Bennett who is on the block for eviction this week thanks to Big Brother’s first twist in the game.  In addition to Jonathan, Ryan nominated Anthony Scaramucci  and Tom Green for the block nominees of week one after the second twist was revealed of 3 block nominees.

HOH Ryan Lochte Celebrity Big Brother

Feeling the pressure of being on the block, Jonathan hatched a plan with Ryan to form a super alliance in week one to save him from eviction.  After Joey Lawrence snidely remarked that he was not a fan of alliances, Whoa!, he was taken off the hot list for potential members.  In the end, Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, Tamar Braxton, and Kandi Burruss were selected for the super group alliance.

Block Nomination Fallout

With Anthony, Tom, and Jonathan on the block, the mad dash to secure votes in the nominees favor has begun.  Tom, Anthony and Kato Kaelin formed an alliance immediately before the last 2 nominations were made to the block.  With 2 of their members on the block, can the K-train alliance last very long in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 game?

Jonathan feels quite comfortable with his alliance saving him from eviction this week.  Anthony is impressed with Ryan’s strategy thus far by trying to nominate the biggest threats in the game, wink wink.  Can we say egotistic?  Tom is well,….just Tom.

The girls in the super group alliance immediately converse together and question why Dina Lohan wasn’t put on the block as Ryan had declared earlier to the group.  The girls start to wonder who is running this HOH, Ryan or Jonathan?  They are not pleased with this move and feel as though they were not included in the decision.  They have also figured out that Jonathan surely saved Dina from the block based on his close relationship with Dina and Dina’s daughter, Lindsey Lohan.

Based on Jonathan’s shady behavior, the girls feel like now would be the time to strike and evict Jonathan.  Some are afraid they may regret making such a bold move against one of their own alliance members so early in the game.  This conversation is surely to be continued in the Big Brother house.

Natalie made a rookie Big Brother mistake when she busted into the bedroom not realizing Tamar was in the bed and under the covers.  She asked Lolo what their final two name should be only to realize that Tamar heard it all.  Tamar was sure to let Natalie know she was stone cold busted as a Big Brother rookie.

Ryan has caught onto the girls chatting all the time and especially that fact that they stop talking when either he or Ryan walk into the room.  Ryan vows to turn up the heat and give them something to talk about.  In addition, Lolo is starting to show signs of jealousy of Jonathan and Ryan’s relationship.  Lolo feels like Ryan should be loyal to her over Jonathan because they share a connection from the last Olympic team.  Lolo goes as far to flip off Jonathan and Ryan’s pics on the wall as they both watch in disbelief.  Things are certainly testing up in the Big Brother house.

Power of Veto Competition Picks

During the POV player pick ceremony, it is revealed that 6 celebs will participate in the competition.  Ryan will pick 2 chips from the box for the final two participants in addition to the HOH and all 3 block nominees.  Ryan’s first pick is Ricky Williams, and his second pick is Joey.

Power of Veto Competition

The game is called Celebrity Giddy Up.  The celebs must jump onto a bucking bronco and ride him until he has gone forward and backwards 60 times.  Once they have done that, a 30 second countdown clock will begin.  The celebs have 30 seconds to stack 50 gold bars on a rotating horseshoe.  If they do not return back to their bronco before the 30 second timer runs out, they are out of the game.  They can take multiple turns to stack their gold bars as long as they go back to the bronco and ride him to gain another 30 seconds.

The most challenging part of the competition was keeping the stack of gold bars from falling over before reaching 50 bars stacked.  Jonathan was looking good until his sick fell to the ground putting him back to square one, and the same thing happened to Tom.  In the end, Ricky pulled out the win of the first golden Power of Veto.

CBB2 Ricky Williams

Ricky confesses that he wanted to stay low this week, but winning the POV felt just too good.  Now he must decide if he will use the power of veto and save Jonathan, Anthony, or Tom from the block.  That is a big decision for the first week of the game.

Meanwhile, Tamar and Kandi try to mend fences as they apparently have a feud that dates back some time from a tour they were both on together.  As both plead their side to one another, tensions begin to rise between the two.  In the end, nothing is resolved, Tamar is balling her eyes out in the diary room, and Kandi has  no idea why the drama is at an all time high.

Ricky and Ryan have a private conversation to discuss the POV.  Ryan tells Ricky that if he uses the POV to take one of the boys off the block, he will use the power to put up one of the girl’s, and that would probably be Lolo.  Ricky takes the info under advisement and makes no decision at that time.  Ricky decides to stir the pot and goes right to Lolo and shares with her that Ryan plans on nominating her to the block.  Lolo shares the info with the girls and they vow to keep Lolo off the block and get revenge on Mr. Lochte.

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Ricky announced that he would NOT use the power to veto one fo the block nominees.  He confessed that none of the block nominees proposed a good enough reason to use the veto on them.  Tune in Friday night January 25 at 8 PM/ 7 PM CST for the live eviction and a shocking twist that will send another celebrity out the door.

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