Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Week 1 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (01/23/19)

Last night’s Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds revealed the Power of Veto holder. The night also revealed a twist no one saw coming: An unexpected eviction. It took awhile for the Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests to clue viewers in on the competition results. They revealed early in the night that the Power of Veto ceremony wouldn’t take place until today.

This likely means that tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 episode ends on a cliffhanger. Fans will have to wait to see what happens during the Veto ceremony on Friday, before the first live eviction. However, feed viewers now know the outcome.

Apparently crazy things have been happening while feeds haven’t been on. There was two Veto competitions. Ricky Williams won the first one and decided not to use it. Kato Kaelin won the second Power of Veto.

This gave him some power this week, and some really big decisions to make. On last night’s episode, we saw Tom Green, Anthony Scaramucci, and Kato form a loose alliance. Tom and Anthony then went on the block. Now last night we also discovered that Anthony left the house. According to the houseguests, Anthony was some sort of mole. Then he left and Kandi Burruss went up as a replacement nominee. This made Kato’s “should I save an alliance member?” choice a lot easier.

Kato told Tom that he would use it on him during today’s Power of Veto competition. This forces Ryan Lochte to name another nominee. He will either nominate Ricky, Joey Lawrence, or Dina Lohan.



Kato stuck to his word and removed Tom from the block. Joey went up as a replacement nominee.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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